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  1. higher education
    What Is a University Without Liberal Arts?Proposed cuts at West Virginia University may portend a dark future for higher education everywhere.
  2. early and often
    Democrats’ Problems Go Beyond Joe ManchinThe West Virginia senator is more a consequence than the cause of the party’s failures.
  3. early and often
    Trump-Endorsed Alleged Serial Groper Loses in NebraskaTrump’s support couldn’t overcome Charles Herbster’s sexual-assault scandal in Tuesday’s primaries. But his candidate prevailed in West Virginia.
  4. joe manchin
    What Do Progressives Hope to Gain From Bashing Manchin?The idea that Democrats can take Manchin to the woodshed back home in West Virginia betrays a very poor understanding of that state’s Trumpy politics.
  5. joe manchin
    Is Manchin Considering Quitting the Democratic Party?The West Virginian wants to issue a credible threat to Democrats to increase his leverage in negotiations over Biden’s agenda.
  6. voting rights
    Will Joe Manchin Save Voting Rights?Manchin’s state is afoul of many provisions of the For the People Act. A more modest bill might help convince him to support a filibuster exception.
  7. bad ideas
    What the Hell Is Vexit?A native of western Virginia tries to explain.
  8. white nationalism
    Entire West Virginia Correctional Officer Class Fired After Nazi Salute PhotoGovernor Jim Justice fired almost 30 correctional officer trainees who posed in a Nazi salute for a class photo.
  9. 2020 gubernatorial elections
    Good News for Democrats: Manchin to Stay in SenateHad Manchin run for and won back his old gubernatorial gig, his Senate seat might have soon flipped to Republicans.
  10. politics
    Joe Manchin Can’t Be Democrats’ Only Strategy for Holding West VirginiaDemocrats are right to worry that they won’t retake the Senate in 2020 if Manchin runs for governor. But they can’t write off West Virginia forever.
  11. politics
    Conservatives Use Free Speech As a Shield to Defend BigotryA Republican delegate in West Virginia claimed that the Islamophobic Ilhan Omar poster was about “free speech.” It wasn’t.
  12. islamophobia
    Islamophobic Poster of Ilhan Omar Roils West Virginia CapitolAn employee resigned and another was reportedly sent to the hospital after an Islamophobic picture was placed in the West Virginia Capitol rotunda.
  13. education
    West Virginia Teachers Strike Again, Appear to Score Another VictoryHours after teachers walked out, a bill that would have raised their pay but allowed charter schools and private school vouchers was tabled.
  14. politics
    Here Are the Facts Behind an Abortion Controversy Engulfing Virginia DemocratsVirginia Democrats did not actually try to legalize infanticide, but Republicans in the state claim otherwise.
  15. politics
    West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Won’t Support Charter School BillAhead of Jim Justice’s press conference, teachers repeatedly condemned the omnibus bill as “retaliation” for last year’s walkout.
  16. education
    GOP Lawmakers Learned Nothing From Last Year’s Teacher WalkoutsWest Virginia Republicans are pushing a bill that could spark another walkout, and they aren’t the only state lawmakers mulling retaliatory measures.
  17. state legislatures
    West Virginia Leads States With Boys’ Club LegislaturesSome states, like Massachusetts (bad) and Georgia (relatively good), defy partisan stereotypes on legislative gender balance.
  18. vision 2020
    Richard Ojeda Isn’t Like Other Democrats. Is That a Good Thing?Less than two weeks after losing his bid for Congress in West Virginia, the former Army paratrooper held his first presidential campaign rally.
  19. vision 2020
    West Virginia Democrat Richard Ojeda Is Running for PresidentHe voted for Trump, then turned on him. Now the former Army paratrooper wants to beat him in 2020.
  20. 2018 midterms
    Top State Court Denies Don Blankenship Access to the November Ballot for SenatorWith the third-party spoiler out of the way, Republican Pat Morrisey now just has to figure out how to catch up with incumbent Joe Manchin.
  21. west virginia
    The West Virginia GOP Just Impeached the State’s Entire Supreme CourtMeanwhile, the party’s attempt to skew a Supreme Court election in North Carolina hit a snag.
  22. West Virginia to Experiment With Mobile Phone Voting by Overseas TroopsIt’s been tried by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so what could go wrong?
  23. Ex-Con Launches Effort to Get on West Virginia Ballot As Third-Party CandidateDon Blankenship will have to thwart West Virginia’s “sore loser” law in court, but he’s angry and rich and wants to smite Mitch McConnell.
  24. Californians to Vote on Initiative to Divide Their State Into 3It’s not popular at present, and would have to overcome many obstacles, but the idea of cutting California down to size won’t go away.
  25. Don Blankenship Continues Quest to Help Joe Manchin Keep His JobAfter losing the GOP primary, Blankenship plans mount a third-party campaign for Senate in West Virginia — if the courts allow him on the ballot.
  26. Favorites Win Nearly Everywhere on First Big Primary Night of 2018With the exception of a GOP House member losing in North Carolina, upsets were few and far between in a four-state primary night.
  27. Blankenship Sunk in West Virginia After Giving National GOP a ScareBoth Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump worked to take down the eccentric ex-con who was beginning to look like another Roy Moore.
  28. What to Watch on 2018’s First Super Tuesday of PrimariesWild who’s-the-Trumpiest GOP Senate races in Indiana and West Virginia and a Democratic gubernatorial fight in Ohio are the big events.
  29. Trump Begs West Virginia Base Not to Nominate a Racist Criminal for SenateDon Blankenship is a racist coal baron; 29 of his workers were killed in a mine accident. Trump’s only argument against him is that he’s unelectable.
  30. The GOP Candidate Testing the Limits of TrumpismHow Don Blankenship, the ex-con West Virginia coal baron, has turned a personal rebranding project turned into a Senate run.
  31. West Virginia Republicans Lie About Each Other’s Imaginary Hillary TiesHillary Clinton’s value as a devil figure in the GOP is so powerful that two WV Senate candidates are just making up stuff about each other and HRC.
  32. teachers strikes
    Teacher Protests Spread to Colorado As Arizona Strike BeginsThere’s no immediate sign of progress in the deadlock between teachers and Republicans in Arizona, and now Colorado teachers are launching protests.
  33. The Third Major Red-State Teachers Strike of 2018 Will Start Next WeekArizona educators voted overwhelming to strike after rejecting a pay-raise plan from that state’s governor.
  34. Oklahoma Teachers Win a Partial VictoryNow teachers have forced GOP politicians into raising pay in a second state. But the fight continues in other states, spilling over into elections.
  35. The Teachers’ Strikes Have Exposed the GOP’s Achilles HeelThe red-state rebellion has revealed that the GOP’s “starve the beast” agenda is deeply unpopular with the party’s own voters.
  36. Red-State Teacher Unrest Just Keeps SpreadingThe wave of protests and strikes isn’t just about pay, but about GOP tax-cut-driven starvation of education spending.
  37. Ex-Con Blankenship Screwing Up GOP Plans for Taking Down Joe ManchinIt was supposed to be a clean partisan purge of a Democrat in an increasingly Republican state. But Blankenship’s personal agenda is interfering.
  38. West Virginia’s Striking Teachers Win Narrow VictoryThe strikers wanted 5 percent raises, funded by taxes on coal companies. Instead, they got one funded by Medicaid cuts.
  39. Will Oklahoma Teachers Be the Next to Strike?After years of frustration over low pay, Oklahoma teachers may emulate their counterparts in West Virginia and go on strike.
  40. West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Continues As State Senate Drags Feet on DealA tentative deal reached by the governor and two unions did not persuade strikers to come back to work, and apparently for good reason.
  41. West Virginia’s Statewide Teachers’ Strike ContinuesThe strike enters its fourth day tomorrow, as the state’s Republican attorney general hankers to intervene to stop the “illegal” action.
  42. Fresh Out of Prison, Coal Baron Don Blankenship Is Running for U.S. SenateThe former CEO of Massey Energy filed this week to run in the Republican primary.
  43. West Virginia’s Marginally Democratic Governor Flips to the GOPIn a surprise timed to coincide with a Trump appearance in his state, Jim Justice switched parties, giving the GOP 34 governorships — for the moment.
  44. Is This Trump-Friendly Democratic Senator Fooling Republicans — or Himself?So far, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin is just flirting. But he might have to pick sides soon.
  45. early and often
    Trump Wins West Virginia by a Landslide, While Sanders Declares His Own VictoryAnd Trump tacked on another victory in winner-take-all Nebraska.
  46. WV Primary Preview: Likely Another Bernie WinOut of step with the national party, and particularly with Obama, WV Democrats are feeling the Bern.
  47. Trump to W.V. Republicans: Don’t Vote TuesdayLow Republican turnout could hurt conservative candidates in judicial races.
  48. millenials
    Meet Saira Blair, West Virginia’s Very Conservative New 18-Year-Old LawmakerAn interview with the far-right teen.
  49. Which American State Should Secede?Texas seems most likely. The case is strongest for exiling West Virginia. But goodness, if Florida isn’t asking for it.
  50. disasters
    West Virginia Is Gradually Getting Its Tap Water BackBut it’s going to take days.
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