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Westboro Baptist Church

  1. neighborhood news
    The Westboro Baptist Church Attempts to Troll New York CityIt’s not really working. 
  2. westboro baptist church
    Westboro Baptist Church Founder Is Near Death, ExcommunicatedAccording to his estranged son.
  3. early and awesome
    The White House Made a Westboro Baptist Church Hate GIFIn response to a “We the People” petition.
  4. the very worst people in the whole entire world
    On Twitter, Westboro Baptists Welcome Gay HouseOr at least they’re pretending to be. 
  5. westboro baptist church
    Gay Pride Center Opens Across From WestboroThey’ll enjoy that.
  6. early and awkward
    Westboro Baptist Church Inauguration Protest Has More Signs Than PeopleWomp.
  7. the internet
    Anonymous Responds to Westboro’s Newtown PlansThey published members’ names and personal information on the Internet. 
  8. crazies
    The Westboro Baptist Church Is Headed to Aurora Of course.
  9. the worst people in the world
    Could Norway Lock Up the Westboro Crazies?Norway is much more intolerant of intolerance than America is.
  10. speaking with the enemy
    FBI Members Meet With Westboro Church, Attempt to Avoid Throwing Punches“FBI agents needed to learn how to engage people they disagreed with.”
  11. westboro baptist church
    The Westboro Baptist Church Wants to Picket Elizabeth Taylor’s FuneralWhere there’s a bigoted will, there’s a way.
  12. the supremes
    Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Westboro Baptist’s Anti-Gay ProtestersThe First Amendment protects even assholes.
  13. hacktivists vs. monsters
    Watch ‘Anonymous’ Hack the Westboro Baptist Church Live During a DebateThat feels good.
  14. crazy in arizona
    Westboro Baptist Church Agrees to Be Slightly Less ObnoxiousThey’ve decided not to protest at a 9-year-old Tucson massacre victim’s funeral, but not because they are suddenly good people.
  15. elizabeth edwards
    John Edwards and Over 1,000 Others Attend Elizabeth Edwards’s Funeral, While Westboro Protest Fails“In the end, only five Westboro congregants showed for the protest.”
  16. jerks
    Why Westboro Baptist’s Plans to Picket Elizabeth Edwards’s Funeral Might FailThe First Amendment and a human counterprotest might throw off their evil plan.
  17. jerks
    When ‘Whore’ Is Too KindAn assemblyman lashes out at Westboro Baptist Church demonstrators.
  18. supreme court
    Supreme Court Weighs Privacy and Free Speech Versus Right to Gay-Bash at a FuneralWestboro Baptist Church is on trial for picketing funerals of soldiers.
  19. neighborhood news
    Brooklyn Church Offers to Help Synagogue Protested by Westboro Baptist BigotsA heartwarming story of interfaith friendship in Brooklyn.
  20. neighborhood news
    Update: Westboro Protesters Vastly Outnumbered by Counter-Protesting BrooklynitesProtest greeted by crowds of ill-wishers.
  21. neighborhood news
    Westboro Baptists to Show Brooklyn ‘God Haters’ What Is UpThe crazies are descending on Brooklyn Technical High School this afternoon.
  22. jerks
    People Possibly Scummier Than Qaddafi, Ahmadinejad Are Descending on New YorkThe vile anti-gay (and anti-everything) Westboro Baptist Church is embarking on an annoying, whirlwind tour of the state starting Thursday.