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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

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    Wire Fox Terrier Named Sky Upsets More Popular Dogs to Win WestminsterBut they all looked really cute.
  2. Slideshow: Every Westminster Dog Is a FavoriteWho could choose?
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    Martha Stewart’s Dog Triumphs at WestminsterHis name is Ghengis Khan. Really.
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    This Scottish Deerhound Pup Is Your Best in ShowAnd her name is Hickory.
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    Scenes From the Real-Life Version of Best in ShowThere were many dogs in Madison Square Garden, one of them evil.
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    Scottish Terrier Wins Best in ShowFour-year-old Sadie takes Westminster prize.
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    Oldest Dog Ever Wins Westminster Dog ShowStump, a 10-year-old Sussex spaniel, made history last night.
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    Puppy-Pampering: the Slideshow!It’s better than ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’!
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    Uno’s Final Moments Before His Huge Westminster WinJust before Uno the beagle chomped down on his historic Westminster victory on Tuesday, New York had a reporter backstage at Madison Square Garden watching his tense last few minutes. While stylists primp a nearby Sealyham terrier and its owner before Westminster’s Best in Show contest, Uno sleeps. It’s barely an hour until he makes history as the first beagle to take top honors, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he’s splayed out in his crate. Nor are his owners worried. Whether they spend 45 minutes brushing and combing his hair or not, Uno’s coat will look the same. “It’s a low-maintenance breed,” says co-owner Jon Woodring. Still, Uno stands at attention as handler Aaron Wilkerson snips and cuts the dog’s hindquarters and runs clippers over the beagle’s sensitive bits.