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  1. what?
    Trump Is Angry That Parasite Won Best Picture Instead of Gone With the WindIt’s so … metaphorical.
  2. what
    What the Hell Happened During This Terrifying Helicopter Rescue?A 74-year-old injured hiker was spun out of control.
  3. what
    Trump Wants to Make It Okay to Call People ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Handsome’ AgainHe also reminded the crowd that jealousy is a disease.
  4. what?
    NYPD Finds Weapon Usually Found in War Zones in Bushwick HomeOh, and some drugs.
  5. Here’s a Video of a Female Cop Telling an Ice-Cream Vendor to ‘Blow Me, B*tch’And briefly dancing. 
  6. what?
    Michele Bachmann’s Son Won’t Pose for PlaygirlWhat a letdown?
  7. uh.
    Bloomberg Columnist Outraged at Not Being Fondled by TSA“No TSA agent has ever singled me out because of the size and shape of my breasts or any other body part!”
  8. what?
    Harry Reid Is Aware of the Tiger Woods ScandalHowever, he is not very good at making jokes about it.
  9. meet chuck todd
    Chuck Todd Named Chief White House Correspondent, a Role He Will DominateWe love Chuck Todd.