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What Happened

  1. Now That Hillary’s Had Her Say, Democrats Should Stop Fighting the Last WarA lot of things went wrong for Democrats in 2016. They should respectfully listen to all perspectives, but stop assuming they can make 2020 a do-over.
  2. Trump Shares His Review of Clinton’s What HappenedHe says she “blames everybody (and every thing) but herself,” based on what he’s heard on TV.
  3. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Donald Trump’s ‘Independence’ Is a Complete FarceHis deal with Democrats isn’t a sign he’s turned a corner. It merely shows he’s as erratic and unprincipled as he’s ever been.
  4. An Unofficial Bonus Index to Hillary Clinton’s What HappenedA handy guide for finding the juiciest references in her election memoir.
  5. Hillary Clinton Still Won’t Take Responsibility for Her LossShe blames herself, but does she really?