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  1. what other people think
    Should We Get Out of Afghanistan?George Will versus the conservative pundits.
  2. what other people think
    What If Torture Did Work?A Washington ‘Post’ story says torture made Khalid Sheik Mohammed sing like a canary.
  3. what other people think
    Could Kennedy’s Death Save Health-Care Reform?The passing of Ted Kennedy changes the math in the Senate, but could it end up helping the Democrats?
  4. what other people think
    Democrats Have a Sneaky Plan to Pass Health-Care ReformWelcome to the dangerous, fascinating world of the budget reconciliation process.
  5. what other people think
    Can Democrats Really ‘Go It Alone’ on Health Care?That’s their new strategy. Or is it just a bluff?
  6. what other people think
    Possible Death of the Public Option: What’s the Big Deal?Many pundits say the public option was never really necessary anyway.
  7. what other people think
    How Much Does the Health-Care Delay Matter?Could it actually be some kind of blessing in disguise?
  8. what other people think
    Did Obama Accomplish Anything With His Health-Care Presser?Probably not! But perhaps he started to change the terms of the debate.
  9. what other people think
    New York Cautiously Hoists Paterson on Its ShouldersToday’s papers don’t know if yesterday’s appointment was legal, but they don’t really care.
  10. what other people think
    Is Sarah Palin’s Political Career Toast?The political punditry weigh in on Palin’s shocking resignation.
  11. what other people think
    How Should Obama Respond to Iran?How much support should he give to Iranian protesters, and how should he deal with Iran going forward?
  12. what other people think
    Holocaust Museum Shooting Rekindles Old DebateShould conservatives apologize to Homeland Security? Or are liberals exploiting a tragedy for political purposes?
  13. what other people think
    Albany Coup Reactions: What Just Happened?Today’s papers sound off on yesterday’s shocking overthrow.
  14. what other people think
    Some Find Obama’s Demands of Israel UnsettlingIs Obama being too tough on Israel? Or is toughness what is needed?
  15. what other people think
    The Cairo Speech: Classic ObamaReactions from around the web to Obama’s big speech in Cairo.
  16. what other people think
    Sotomayor Is the GOP’s Latest HeadacheWhy people are saying Obama’s Supreme Court pick was a political masterstroke.
  17. what other people think
    The North Korea Nuke Test: What Obama Should ConsiderThis holiday weekend’s weapons test is a confusing referendum on the president’s policy on North Korea, and offers little hint of the safest way forward.
  18. what other people think
    Obama vs. Cheney: The Reactions Are InAnd they are split largely along an ideological divide. Shocker!
  19. what other people think
    Will the GOP Buy Into Michael Steele’s Fresh Start?The RNC chairman gave a speech yesterday in the run-up to today’s big vote. But was it enough?
  20. what other people think
    Will Obama’s Auto-Emission Plan Actually Work?Some worry that nobody will want to buy the more expensive, fuel-efficient cars.
  21. what other people think
    When Barack Met BibiHow today’s meeting between our president and Israel’s prime minister went down.
  22. what other people think
    Obama Doesn’t Want Those Abuse Photos Public After AllIn a stark reversal, he tries to block the release of photos showing detainee abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  23. what other people think
    Everyone a Little Suspicious of Health-care Industry’s MotivesWhy are they pledging to create $2 trillion in savings?
  24. what other people think
    Stress Tests Are Stressing Everyone OutThe administration has postponed releasing the results of the stress tests on the country’s largest banks, and some pundits are getting heart-attack-y.
  25. what other people think
    Obama’s Enchanting Prime-time PresserThe questions and answers people are buzzing about today.
  26. what other people think
    The Specter FalloutDoes his party switch signal doom for the GOP, or just a rational politician worried about his own interests?
  27. what other people think
    Should America Delve Deeper Into Torture?What leading columnists and opinionators think about further torture investigations, and possibly prosecutions.
  28. what other people think
    What Does Obama’s Intelligence Director Think of ‘Torture’?And does the Obama administration want us to know?