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What The Huck?

  1. what the huck?
    Watch Mike Huckabee Drop the F-BombIt was done in the name of ending famine, so it’s okay.
  2. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Is Now Maybe Kinda Sorta Thinking About RunningTake a number and get in line, buddy.
  3. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Definitely Not Running for President“The factors say go, but my heart says no.”
  4. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Probably Not Running for PresidentThough we’ll find out for sure this weekend.
  5. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Not Running, Maybe, According to Some PeopleAlso, he might still be undecided. Exciting!
  6. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Wants Us to Decide Whether He’s Really Dumb or Really SmartIt’s neither, actually.
  7. what the huck?
    Natalie Portman’s Pregnancy Has Upset Mike HuckabeeNow everyone will be having kids out of wedlock just to be cool!
  8. what the huck?
    Ronald Reagan Also Did Not Grow Up ‘Going to Boy Scout Meetings and Playing Little League Baseball’By Mike Huckabee’s definition, he didn’t have an American childhood.
  9. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Blames the Media, ObviouslyHe tries, but fails, to convincingly defend himself. In fact, he digs himself a deeper hole.
  10. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Suddenly Insists President Obama Grew Up in Kenya, for Some Reason [Updated]Whoa, where did that come from?
  11. what the huck?
    Why Is Mike Huckabee So Damn Nice to President Obama?And does it mean he’s running or not running?
  12. what the huck?
    Seven Reasons Mike Huckabee Might Not Run for PresidentHe’d be poorer, he might not win, and he doesn’t think the country needs him, to name a few.
  13. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Does Not Want to Be a Stale Loaf of BreadHe won’t announce whether he’s running until the summer, so people don’t get tired of him.
  14. what the huck?
    Former Fat Person Mike Huckabee Doesn’t Think Michelle Obama Is a Dessert TyrantHuckabee disagrees with his friend Sarah Palin.
  15. what the huck?
    Mike Huckabee Gets Six-Week Daily Show TryoutNote: not ‘Daily Show’ tryout.
  16. what the huck?
    Voters Didn’t Get the Memo About Blaming Mike Huckabee for Cop KillingHuckabee’s numbers are basically the same since his clemency controversy.
  17. what the huck?
    Reports of Mike Huckabee’s Death Are Greatly ExaggeratedThe Maurice Clemmons controversy looks bad now, but its impact shouldn’t be overblown.