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  1. what we know
    What X CEO Linda Yaccarino Claimed at the Code ConferenceIn a tense interview, the head of Elon Musk’s social-media platform insisted everything was going great — and that she really was the CEO.
  2. what we know
    Central Morocco Devastated by Rare, Powerful EarthquakeAt least 1,000 people were killed by the M6.8 quake, which struck near Marrakech late Friday night.
  3. politics
    What We Know About the Death of Eric DupreyDuprey was killed after an NYPD sergeant struck him with a cooler, which caused him to fall off of his motorbike. His death was ruled a homicide.
  4. hurricane hilary
    Southern California Inspects Damage As Hilary Finally Sweeps ThroughFloods and broken rainfall records are left behind by Tropical Storm Hilary.
  5. what we know
    Maui Wildfires Reach Grim Milestone: Live UpdatesThe still-rising death toll has reached 96, making the disaster the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in more than a century.
  6. what we know
    A Quick Guide to Justice Clarence Thomas’s Ethics ScandalsWe’re keeping track of the recent pileup of revelations regarding secret financial arrangements between the justice and his rich friends.
  7. gilgo beach murders
    Judge Orders Heuermann to Provide DNA Sample: UpdatesHeuermann’s lawyer had claimed prosecutors did not have probable cause to compel a sample.
  8. what we know
    Trump Is Still Lashing Out Following Indictment: UpdatesHe is posting through it.
  9. extreme weather
    Vermont Hit With Disastrous Rainfall as Storms Strike the Northeast: UpdatesMontpelier, the state’s capital city, was still underwater on Tuesday morning.
  10. liveblog
    Putin Says Wagner Will Be ‘Brought to Justice’: UpdatesIn his first public statement since the insurrection, Putin dismissed the plot as an “outside” threat in an attempt to shore up domestic support.
  11. what we know
    What We’ve Learned From the Titanic Sub DisasterSome key takeaways from the tragedy, including the fateful warnings about Titan’s safety and why it and OceanGate weren’t subject to regulations.
  12. what we know
    OceanGate CEO Dismissed Safety Risks, Emails ShowAll five people onboard the Titan were confirmed dead on Thursday.
  13. what we know
    Leaked Pentagon Documents: What We KnowThe chief of the Kremlin-backed Wagner Group mercenaries allegedly offered to provide Russian troop locations to Ukraine.
  14. what we know
    What We Know About the Texas Outlet-Mall AttackThe identities of those killed in the attack, including three children, have been made public.
  15. what we know
    8 Dead After Motorist Drives SUV Into Group of Migrants in TexasThe driver, who was identified on Monday, has been arrested and charged with eight counts of manslaughter.
  16. liveblog
    Why Did Fox News Fire Tucker Carlson? What We Know.The host’s misogyny is a leading theory for his sudden downfall.
  17. what we know
    Jack Teixeira Charged With Two Counts in Pentagon LeakThe 21-year-old National Guardsman accused of sharing intelligence with his teenage friends told his father he loved him in court on Friday.
  18. liveblog
    Trump Attacks Judge and His Family: Live UpdatesTrump’s relatively short speech was packed with grievance and broadsides.
  19. trump hush money indictment
    ‘New York City Hates Your Guts’: MTG Drowned Out at Trump RallyShe got a chilly reception in Manhattan ahead of Trump’s arraignment.
  20. early and often
    How Trump’s Allies and GOP Rivals Are Reacting to His Indictment“This is stuff that would make Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot blush.”
  21. what we know
    Body-Camera Footage Released in Nashville School ShootingThe victims have been identified, but the shooter’s motive is not yet confirmed.
  22. plagued
    Was It the Raccoon Dog All Along?What to make of the latest evidence suggesting COVID had a natural — not laboratory — origin.
  23. what we know
    How the U.S. Is Trying to Stave Off a Banking System CrisisAmid the threat of additional bank runs in the aftermath of SVB’s collapse, regulators have taken dramatic action to prevent a panic.
  24. what we know
    Who Is Poisoning Iran’s Schoolgirls?A rising number of Iranian schools have been targeted with suspected poisonings, prompting public outrage and a new wave of protests.
  25. murdaugh murders
    The Key Moments From Alex Murdaugh’s Testimony and Murder TrialAfter the jury found Murdaugh guilty of murdering his wife and son, he was given two consecutive life sentences.
  26. what we know
    The Big Questions About the Ohio Train DerailmentAlmost two weeks later, there is still concern and confusion about the health risks and scale of the environmental disaster.
  27. what we know
    Why Is U.S. Airspace Suddenly a UFO Shooting Gallery? UpdatesWe still don’t know much about the three unidentified objects the U.S. shot down over the weekend.
  28. what we know
    Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Rises to More Than 11,000: UpdatesThe powerful earthquakes have flattened thousands of buildings in the region, and the death toll continues to mount.
  29. what we know
    U.S. Recovery of Alleged Spy Balloon Continues: UpdatesChina claimed on Monday that a second similar balloon seen over Latin America last week was also just a wayward civilian craft.
  30. what we know
    New FBI Search of Biden’s Home Finds No Classified DocumentsThe search of Biden’s Rehoboth, Delaware beach house was planned and consensual, like the searches of his office and Wilmington residence.
  31. what we know
    A Seventh Officer Has Been Suspended After Tyre Nichols’s Death: UpdatesThe officer was relieved of duty the same day the five officers charged with murder were fired for the beating.
  32. what we know
    Death Toll From Monterey Park Shooting Rises to 11: UpdatesAnother victim who was hospitalized following the attack has died. There are also developments regarding the gunman’s possible motive.
  33. what we know
    Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Congress, Supreme Court, Presidential PalaceA huge far-right mob invaded and ransacked the buildings in a historic attack on the country’s democracy.
  34. what we know
    Twitter Users Vote for Elon Musk to Step Down. Will He?57.5 percent of respondents said “yes” he should. What happens next is anybody’s guess.
  35. what we know
    How Big Is the U.S. Fusion Breakthrough?The Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has reportedly achieved a historic milestone in nuclear fusion.
  36. foreign interests
    A Stunning Wave of Protests Has Erupted in China Over Its Zero-COVID PoliciesDemonstrations against COVID restrictions — and the government — took place in numerous cities across mainland China over the weekend.
  37. politics
    What We Know About Trump’s Dinner With White Supremacist Nick FuentesThe former president is claiming he did not know who his notorious dinner guest was.
  38. what we know
    Alleged Club Q Shooter Previously Threatened Mother: UpdatesIt is unclear why the 22-year-old suspect was allowed to retain guns after a previous incident involving police.
  39. liveblog
    The Red Wave That Wasn’t: UpdatesBiden said Wednesday that voters had proven that “democracy is who we are.”
  40. what we know
    Pelosi Attacker Allegedly Planned to Kidnap and Torture Speaker: UpdatesThe suspect spouting far-right beliefs plotted to zip-tie the House Speaker, according to federal prosecutors.
  41. plagued
    What We Know About the New and Rising COVID VariantsThe next generation of more immune-evasive Omicron subvariants is beginning to take over from BA.5, including the fast-rising BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 strains.
  42. liveblog
    Liz Truss Is Out. Could Boris Johnson Get Back In?To some Tories, the scandal-riddled ex-PM is looking pretty good now.
  43. what we know
    Hurricane Ian’s Death Toll Continues to ClimbRescue efforts are still underway in Florida, where inland flooding continues to hamper recovery efforts.
  44. what we know
    Top-Secret Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: What We KnowThe DOJ can once again access the classified materials seized in the raid, as Trump argues he can declassify docs by “thinking about it.”
  45. what we know
    Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Failed Again in Worst Disaster Since Hurricane MariaHurricane Fiona has knocked out most of the island’s power, as torrential rains have triggered mudslides and widespread flooding
  46. what we know
    Martha’s Vineyard Migrants Leave Island As Outrage at DeSantis GrowsThe dozens of migrants now have temporary shelter at a military base in Cape Cod.
  47. plagued
    The Big Remaining Questions About the New Bivalent COVID BoostersSome of the concerns are valid, others aren’t, but none should prevent people from getting the shot if they want to.
  48. plagued
    What to Know About the New COVID Booster ShotsReformulated booster shots have arrived. Here’s how they are different and who can get them.
  49. what we know
    What Is Going On at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant?The threat of catastrophic accident persists amid heavy fighting in the area. A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency is en route.
  50. what we know
    Who Really Killed Darya Dugina?The Kremlin says Ukraine was behind the car bombing, but as usual in Russia, speculation points in many directions.
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