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  1. liveblog
    Confused Nation Keeps Refreshing As Facebook, Instagram Disappear: UpdatesThe mysterious outage appears to be ending.
  2. cybersecurity
    I Hope Those Memes Were Worth It, Jeff BezosThe crown prince of Saudi Arabia allegedly compromised Bezos’s phone through a virus-laden video sent over WhatsApp.
  3. antitrust
    The FTC Might Take Action Against the Great Facebook Mash-upThe regulatory body sees Facebook’s effort to make all of its sites interoperable as a way of protecting the company’s near monopoly on social media.
  4. life in pixels
    Group Chats Are Making the Internet Fun AgainThe triumphant return of aimless digital chatter.
  5. whatsapp
    With 1.5 Billion Users and Just 300 Employees, Can WhatsApp Ban Child Porn?As one of the world’s biggest messaging platforms faces down a child porn plague, its tiny head count comes back to haunt it.
  6. global tech
    These ChatBots Help Zimbabweans Find Fuel During a ShortageZimbabwe is experiencing a major gas shortage. Social media platforms like WhatsApp are countering its worst effects.
  7. global tech
    WhatsApp Says It’s Too Late to Stop Far-Right Fake News in BrazilFake news stories spread like wildfire on messaging service WhatsApp — and there’s no easy way to stop it.
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    If Zuck Acquires You, You’ll Feel Gross. The Only Question Is HowTwo separate products, three separate founders, two separate reasons for leaving — all with regrets about being bought (& made rich) by Zuck.
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    WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding in Hopes of Preventing KillingsViral videos and misinformation have led to multiple instances of mob violence.
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    WhatsApp Founder Leaving Company to Collect Rare PorschesJan Koum announced he’s leaving the Facebook-owned company he co-founded.
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    Blood Diamonds Are Now Being Sold on Facebook and WhatsAppFacebook, it’s not just for your grandparents anymore!
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    WhatsApp Walks Back Its Snapchat CloneWhat Facebook wants and what users want are not the same thing.
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    Is WhatsApp Safe to Use? (Yes, But Use Signal Anyway)There’s no back door into the system.
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    WhatsApp Will Start Sharing Your Data With FacebookWhen it was purchased three years ago, WhatsApp assured users that “nothing” would change.
  15. WhatsApp Messages Are Now EncryptedLaw enforcement won’t like this.
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    Get Ready for Another Encryption Fight: Feds vs. FacebookEncryption makes wiretaps warrants useless.
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    Facebook Exec Arrested and Released in Brazil Over Encrypted WhatsApp MessagesLegal fights over encryption come to Brazil.
  18. too many billions?
    5 Reasons WhatsApp Is Worth $19 Billion to Facebook (and Two Reasons It’s Not)The tech pundits battle it out over Zuckerberg’s latest buy.
  19. billionaire boys club
    Meet WhatsApp Billionaires Jan Koum, Brian ActonMark Zuckerberg just made these guys very rich.
  20. life on the bubble
    What’s WhatsApp and Why Is Facebook Spending $19 Billion to Acquire It?The latest Mark Zuckerberg splurge is a mobile messaging app that’s very popular internationally.