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Where Are They Now

  1. where are they now?
    Good Night, Embassy Cat, and Good LuckWherever you are, we hope you’re in better, less manipulative hands.
  2. where are they now
    Where Is Ex-NY Senate Majority Leader Bruno?He faced corruption charges, like Sheldon Silver. Six years later, the state owes him millions.
  3. where are they now
    Christine Quinn Has a New Job, TooShe’s joined the board of NARAL Pro-Choice New York.
  4. where are they now
    Former Mayoral Candidate Catsimatidis Is Still ‘Fighting for the Little Guy’By refusing to pay legal fees in a case over unpaid overtime.
  5. people who are not witches
    Christine O’Donnell Doesn’t Miss Us EitherShe’d “rather slam [her] hand in a car door” than run in 2014.
  6. where are they now
    Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Convicted of MurderThe jury did not buy her self-defense claim.
  7. where are they now
    Craigslist Wedding Bros Signed Book, Movie DealsThe brothers have made the most of their viral fame.