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White House Insecurity

  1. white house insecurity
    Obama Schools Heckler on White House EtiquetteActually, don’t shout at anyone after consuming their hors d’oeuvres and booze.
  2. white house insecurity
    Secret Service Tries to Fix Failures, Creates New Security BreachAround five dozen newly hired agents were working without the proper security clearances.
  3. white house insecurity
    Secret Service Destroys Tapes of Drunken CrashIt’s policy to destroy them after 72 hours, but for some reason they saved two.
  4. white house insecurity
    After Experimenting With Feces, Man Mails Cyanide to White HouseIf the return address is accurate.
  5. white house insecurity
    Possibly Drunk Secret Service Agents Drove Through an Active Bomb InvestigationA suspicious package was nearly run over.
  6. white house insecurity
    Secret Service Probed for White House DUI CrashIt’s almost like they’re trying to prove they can’t be trusted.