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White House Outbreak

  1. covid-19
    Donald Trump Jr. Has Tested Positive for COVID-19Trump’s son is one of dozens of people linked to the president who have recently caught the virus.
  2. white house outbreak
    As Trump Downplays Pandemic’s Third Wave, New COVID-19 Outbreak Hits White HouseAt least five of the vice president’s aides have tested positive, sparking another pandemic-related political disaster for President Trump.
  3. covid-19
    White House Chief of Staff: ‘We Are Not Going to Control the Pandemic’After a new White House outbreak, Trump’s chief of staff tried to defend the administration’s inability to take COVID-19 seriously. It wasn’t pretty.
  4. white house outbreak
    Trump Brags About His COVID-19 Immunity, Feuds With FauciHe’s heralding the “protective glow” of his immunity, but antibodies can’t shield him from the political consequences of his incompetence.
  5. the national interest
    Trump’s Genetic Delusions Are Being Put to the TestThe president’s obsession with DNA is not only an expression of racism, but also an explanation for the bizarre passivity of his pandemic response.
  6. white house outbreak
    Trump Says COVID-19 ‘Is Disappearing’ at First Public Event Since Catching ItHow much Trump’s own illness is disappearing remains in question, however, following a new statement from his doctor.
  7. white house outbreak
    Even the Creator of Veep Couldn’t Make the Last Week UpArmando Iannucci on a presidency that has surpassed satire.
  8. the swamp
    The Entire Presidency Is a Superspreading EventDown in the polls, high on steroids, and clinging to good health while endangering everyone else’s.
  9. white house outbreak
    Trump Lashes Out at Everyone After a Week in QuarantineIn interviews on Thursday on Fox News and Fox Business Network, Trump found targets on both sides of the aisle.
  10. white house outbreak
    Trump’s Physician Says He Is ‘Safe’ to Begin ‘Public Engagements’ on SaturdayTrump has taken the advice to heart, telling Sean Hannity that he plans to hold a rally in Florida on Saturday night.
  11. vision 2020
    Pandemic-Theater Plexiglass Barrier Will Separate Both VP Candidates After AllAfter days of negotiation, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris have settled on a questionable virus-fighting solution for their debate on Wednesday.
  12. vision 2020
    Biden’s Strategy Right Now? Hang Back and Be a ‘Normal Person’There will be a time to attack again. But Joe Biden knows he’s not the story in this moment, and he doesn’t think he needs to be.
  13. just asking questions
    Trump Is on Steroids. How Worried Should We Be?The president was given dexamethasone to treat COVID-19. A leading expert breaks down what it means for his health, both physical and mental.
  14. white house outbreak
    COVID-Infected President Takes Mask Off Before Entering the White HousePresident Trump refuses to take the health of those around him seriously.
  15. white house outbreak
    Plexiglass Will Separate Harris and Pence at the Vice-Presidential DebateThe measure is consistent with CDC recommendations, though a spokesperson for Pence made fun of the idea.
  16. white house outbreak
    The White House Is Failing to Contact Trace Its Own COVID Outbreak: ReportAfter obscuring the scale of its COVID spread, the administration has yet to mobilize the CDC to help determine who may have been exposed.
  17. white house outbreak
    Trump Briefly Leaves Hospital for Drive-by Photo Op With SupportersTrump’s negligence apparently hasn’t been watered down by his experience with the virus.