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White Men Losing Money

  1. white men losing money
    Senate Report Blasts JPMorgan Over ‘London Whale’ LossesIt was a bit more serious than a “tempest in a teapot.”
  2. dimonfreude
    JPMorgan Risk Committee Not Overly Concerned With Finance, RiskIn fact, no one involved has any recent banking experience.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Lehman Brothers Probably Won’t Ever Be Charged With AnythingMore than three years later …
  4. white men losing money
    Report: Dimon ‘Couldn’t Breathe’ When He Saw JPMorgan LossesThe report also says the losses could total as much as $5 billion.
  5. white men losing money
    JPMorgan’s Trading Loss Said to Reach at Least $3 BillionAs previously speculated.
  6. white men losing money
    ‘London Whale’ on His Way Out at JPMorganObviously.
  7. white men losing money
    JPMorgan Sued by Shareholders Over LossesSome investors aren’t taking that $2 billion misstep so well.
  8. white men losing money
    JPMorgan Shareholders Approve Jamie Dimon’s Pay Amid Justice Department InquiryThe CEO’s pay package was approved, but probably before the bank announced its huge loss.
  9. Hedge-Funder Philip Falcone’s Big Wireless Bet Goes BustLightSquared has filed for bankruptcy.
  10. white men losing money
    JPMorgan Not Done Answering for $2 Billion LossThe fallout from the $2 billion loss isn’t over yet.
  11. white men losing money
    Meet JPMorgan’s ‘London Whale’ Bruno IskilHe’s the man responsible for $2 billion in losses so far.
  12. white men losing money
    Bank of America Had a Real Case of the MondaysWorse than yours, probably.
  13. oracles of doom
    A 2012 Recession Is More Likely Than NotGreat.
  14. white men losing money
    Goldman Sachs Was Consistently Bad Last QuarterTwenty-one days of losses.
  15. white men losing money
    Goldman Sachs Posts a LossIt’s a little bit worse than expected.
  16. white men losing money
    Goldman Sachs Might Barely Give Out Bonuses This YearUh-oh.
  17. white men with money
    Sergio Ermotti Probably Isn’t Enjoying His Promotion All That MuchWould YOU want to run UBS right now?
  18. going rogue
    Guy Who Lost UBS $2.3 Billion Is ‘Sorry,’ Says His LawyerWell, that changes everything!
  19. going rogue
    Rogue UBS Trader Lost More Like $2.3 BillionUp from initial $2 billion estimate.
  20. going rogue
    A Rogue Trader at UBS Lost $2 Billion [Updated]Happy third anniversary of the Lehman collapse!
  21. white men losing money
    Bank of America Will Cut 30,000 Jobs and $5 Billion in Annual Expenses [Updated]Those are large numbers.
  22. white men losing money
    Bank of America Had a ‘Tuesday Massacre’Two top execs are gone and two are moving up.
  23. summer of layoffs
    UBS Will Slice 3,500 JobsYowch.
  24. white men losing money
    Stocks Take a Massive Late-Day Tumble After Brief RallyThey’re just doing this for the attention, aren’t they?
  25. p-money
    Another Way 2011 Isn’t Exactly Like 2008Even John Paulson can’t make money.
  26. white men losing money
    Stocks Plummet Yet Again, and This Time It’s France’s FaultNearly erasing Tuesday’s gains.
  27. downgradepocalypse
    This Isn’t 2008 All Over Again, ExactlyEven if it looks a whole lot like it.
  28. white men losing money
    Stocks Dip Sharply South, AgainBut man, gold is killin’ it.