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White Men With All The Money

  1. real estate envy
    Mayor Bloomberg Bought Two 30-Plus-Acre Estates Near the City Last YearOne in Westchester, the other in Southampton.
  2. lawsuits
    Bank of America Settles Discrimination Suit for $335 MillionBlame Countrywide!
  3. Gingrich Fends Off Attacks in Iowa GOP DebateMitt Romney loses the narrative with $10,000 bet.
  4. Already Rich Lottery Winners Give $1M to Veterans’ CharitiesFirst of many such donations.
  5. Greenwich Money Managers Haul in $254 MillionFrom the lottery.
  6. white men with all the money
    Sure, You All Love and Trust Lloyd Blankfein. But Do You Admire Him?Yes, yes you do.
  7. white men with all the money
    Ben Bernanke Noticed When Someone Stole $900 From HimThis is someone who manages his personal finances well.
  8. the greatest depression
    Obama Appoints Bernanke to Second TermThe president will announce this morning that he’s giving Bush’s appointee another go.
  9. white men with all the money
    Blankfein’s Terrible Win-Win-Win ConundrumThe Goldman Sachs CEO can’t sleep at night because he needs to find a way to hugely reward his executives without the public knowing.
  10. white men with all the money
    Lloyd Blankfein Used to Be Fat and a Poor DresserAnd that’s the *really interesting* Goldman Sachs narrative, William Cohan explains in ‘Time.’
  11. white men with all the money
    Ben Bernanke Dialoguing With the People Through Series of Rap SessionsThe Fed chairman is trying to raise consciousness about the role of the central bank.