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  1. early and often
    Tommy Tuberville (Eventually) Admits White Nationalists Are RacistInstead of just disassociating himself with white nationalism and changing the subject, the Alabama senator kept digging a deeper hole.
  2. politics
    Marjorie Taylor Greene Was Surprise Speaker at White-Nationalist EventThe congresswoman delivered remarks at the America First Political Action Conference on Friday, shortly after a round of applause for Vladimir Putin.
  3. charlottesville
    Unite the Right Organizers Ordered to Pay $26 Million in DamagesThe payment comes following a civil lawsuit in which the defendants, including Richard Spencer, were found guilty on a state conspiracy claim.
  4. the national interest
    Congressman Paul Gosar Recruits Holocaust Deniers Into the Republican PartyA Republican with a plan to extend the party’s rightward edge.
  5. 2020 elections
    Steve King Says He’ll Soon Get Committee Assignments BackWith his primary opponents focusing on his loss of clout rather than his bigotry, the prospect of restored committee assignments could be huge.
  6. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus CrusadesTrump’s diehards are useful stooges for other interests.
  7. white nationalism
    White Nationalist Arrested for Swatting Journalists, Historically Black ChurchJohn Cameron Denton, an alleged former leader of a neo-Nazi group, faces a conspiracy charge for calling in false reports of violence to the police.
  8. the alt-right
    This Obscure Foundation Helped Fund the Alt-RightA foundation funded by Seattle-area businessman Robert Rotella has helped keep organizations like Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute afloat.
  9. racism
    Steve King’s Memes Aren’t Edgy, But They Are RevealingThe Iowa congressman is fundraising on some very stupid memes.
  10. white nationalism
    FBI Arrests 3 Suspected Neo-Nazis Ahead of VA Rally Catching Far-Right AttentionThe three far-right paramilitaries are connected to the neo-Nazi group the Base, and allegedly discussed attending the gun-rights rally in Richmond.
  11. white nationalism
    Entire West Virginia Correctional Officer Class Fired After Nazi Salute PhotoGovernor Jim Justice fired almost 30 correctional officer trainees who posed in a Nazi salute for a class photo.
  12. getting out
    What It’s Like to Leave White NationalismFor “formers” like Austin, removing tattoos is a matter of life and death.
  13. feature
    A Year Inside a Growing American Terrorist MovementEleven years after Obama’s election, and three years into the Trump presidency, the threat of white-nationalist hate groups can’t be ignored.
  14. white nationalism
    Military Investigating Possible White Power Hand Signal at Army-Navy GameBoth military academies are “looking into” a hand gesture associated with white power that cadets flashed during the broadcast of the football game.
  15. politics
    Stephen Miller Sure Seems Like a White NationalistLeaked emails show that Miller is immersed in the alt-right.
  16. racism
    Richard Spencer Broke His Contract With AmericaHe agreed to shroud his white nationalism in nice clothes and respectability. He seems to have inadvertently let the mask drop.
  17. politics
    Mass Struggle Is the Only Way to Defeat White NationalismLegal reforms can only do so much. Some might even prove counterproductive.
  18. white nationalism
    An Alarming Weekend of White-Nationalist ActivityPlans of two potential attackers were thwarted in the U.S. on Friday, and a far-right assailant attempted to shoot up an Oslo mosque on Saturday.
  19. libertarianism
    The Paltry Hopes of the Libertarian MomentJust a few years ago libertarians fantasized about taking over the GOP. Now they just hope Justin Amash can get reelected.
  20. racism
    Trump Again Shows He Can’t Even Pretend to Reject RacismThe “send her back” chant was a validation for the president, and he’s done nothing to discourage it from happening again.
  21. racism
    Trump Attacks Democratic Congresswomen With White Nationalist RhetoricWith his reelection campaign now underway, the president is trying out an even bigger dog whistle.
  22. politics
    Domestic Terrorist Christopher Hasson May Be Released Pending TrialThe white nationalist had a kill list of prominent Democrats and journalists.
  23. white nationalism
    Coast Guard Officer Who Plotted Terror Attack Wanted ‘Race War,’ Documents SayCourt documents allege Christopher Hasson also targeted two Supreme Court justices and searched the phrase “please god let there be a race war.”
  24. white nationalism
    Steve King Says He Empathizes With Jesus After White Nationalism RebukeThe Iowa rep said he had “better insight” into Christ’s suffering after being reprimanded by his colleagues for normalizing white nationalism.
  25. white nationalism
    White Nationalism Is the Republican Party’s Meal TicketThis week on Capitol Hill, Republicans tried to distract Americans from their complicity in white nationalism. They ended up drawing attention to it.
  26. unintended consequences
    White Nationalists Make Money Streaming Hearing on Rise of White NationalismAnd other depressing moments from the derailed House Judiciary Committee hearing on the rise of the white far right.
  27. white nationalism
    How Kirstjen Nielsen Gave Voice and Muscle to Trump’s White Nationalist AgendaThe soon to be ex–DHS secretary was never a foil to Trump, she just limited her cruelty to what was permitted by law.
  28. politics
    At Famed Civil-Rights Center, Fire Destroys a Building, But Not a MissionThe Highlander Center, a longtime target of racist attacks, shows its resilience again after a white-power symbol is found at the scene of a fire.
  29. white nationalism
    Ex–White-Nationalist Says Tucker Carlson Hits Messaging “Better Than They Have”Derek Black, who disavowed the movement in 2013, says that his white-nationalist family watches Carlson “to get some tips on how to advance it.”
  30. white supremacy
    Racism Is Good at Hiding. Just Ask This White Nationalist Police Officer.A school resource officer in Virginia is also a member of Identity Evropa. His job? To help bigots conceal their bigotry from the public.
  31. politics
    Trump Wants Jeanine Pirro and Her Islamophobia Back on the AirFox News benched her over her Islamophobic comments. Trump responded with a rejection of political correctness and a strange call to arms.
  32. republicans
    Steve King’s Road Map for Racist RepublicansThe fallout from King’s comments isn’t just turning the GOP against him. It’s showing future racist politicians how to avoid his fate.
  33. white nationalism
    Trump Economic Advisor Invites White Nationalist Publisher to His Birthday PartyLarry Kudlow invited VDare publisher Peter Brimelow to his house soon after a White House speechwriter was fired for being on a panel with him.
  34. Steve Bannon’s Nationalism Isn’t About the Economy, StupidIf Bannon cared about his economic agenda, he would want Trump to work with Democrats. But he doesn’t, because he only cares about immigration.
  35. the national interest
    Trump’s White Nationalist HouseThe GOP once drew the line at Nazis.
  36. protests
    Tens of Thousands March Against Hatred and White Supremacy in BostonBoston’s police commissioner applauded how 99.9 percent of the roughly 40,000 protesters were “standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city.”
  37. President Trump Is More Isolated Than EverThe departure of Trump’s nationalist id, Steve Bannon, after a week in which he alienated other allies, will only increase attacks on the White House.
  38. charlottesville
    America’s Far Right Has Global RootsBlending neo-Confederate and Nazi ideology, our white nationalist movement is part of a frightening international phenomenon.
  39. Trump Blames ‘Many Sides’ for Virginia ViolenceNo condemnation of white nationalism from the president.
  40. Richard Spencer Leads Torch-Lit Protest to Save Confederate StatueThe mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, said it was either “profoundly ignorant” or intentionally reminiscent of the KKK.