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White Working Class

  1. abortion
    If Roe Is Reversed, Democrats Need to Be ReadyAt a time when their party has convinced itself to avoid social issues, they should prepare for a culture-war battle they can win.
  2. extremism
    Is Trump Going to Fade Like Sarah Palin?The good news is that he could lose his audience. The bad news is that it would take someone even more terrifying to come along.
  3. vision 2020
    Should Democrats Panic About Elizabeth Warren’s Chances Against Trump?A new batch of polls has the candidate faring poorly against Trump in some battleground states.
  4. vision 2020
    459,000 Working-Class White Male Wisconsinites Didn’t Vote In 2016Democrats fear that four years of presidential appeals to white identity politics could politicize these nonvoters — and reelect Donald Trump.
  5. vision 2020
    Biden’s Electability Advantage Will Be Hard to ShakeMost factors voters use to measure electability give Joe Biden an advantage, and Democrats are not in the mood to gamble on the 2020 outcome.
  6. vision 2020
    Trump’s Hate Offensive Could Turn Off White Working-Class WomenThere’s fresh evidence that the women in Trump’s key demographic don’t care for racism and divisiveness, even if they agree with his policies.
  7. what the right is reading
    Why Trump Voters Are Giving the Right Qualms About CapitalismTim Carney’s Alienated America suggests a market-skeptical worldview is gaining traction among conservatives.
  8. racism
    What People Get Wrong About Today’s Republican Party and Jim CrowPundits are arguing about whether the Republican Party is bringing back Jim Crow. But would the GOP’s base even care if that was true?
  9. 2018 midterms
    Democrats Won Big With a Key Demographic of Trump’s Base During MidtermsIf you’re looking for a key 2020 demographic, white working class women who aren’t evangelicals could be crucial in battleground states.
  10. 2018 midterms
    Will the Kavanaugh Fight Affect the Midterms?All the noise about Kavanaugh could encourage the older white voters who usually vote in midterms to show up, but Democratic enthusiasm remains high.
  11. 2018 midterms
    White Non-Evangelical Working-Class Women Could Be 2018’s Key Swing VotersGender, class and religious outlook are pulling one swing voter category away from the GOP.
  12. 2018 elections
    Democrats Must Get Real With White Working-Class VotersThe left and center prescriptions for reaching these voters often miss the need to connect culturally and to reflect their desire to fix government.
  13. The Democratic Party Has an ‘MSNBC Problem’Fox News prioritizes the GOP’s messaging needs over chasing viewers. MSNBC doesn’t do Democrats the same favor.
  14. No, Democratic Populism Won’t Force Republicans to Accept Big GovernmentReihan Salam wants Republicans to develop a positive agenda of universal programs the white working class will embrace. It’s not going to happen.
  15. White Working-Class Voters May Not Care About Trump ScandalsSo what if the president is a little bit piggy and a little bit thuggy?
  16. Roseanne Barr and Mark Penn Stand Up for Poor Persecuted ConservativesApparently, conservatives have to run absolutely everything before they no longer fear to express their love for POTUS.
  17. Did Americans Turn to Opioids Out of Despair — or Just Because They Were There?A new study casts doubt on the idea that the epidemic is driven by economic hardship.
  18. Trump Losing Ground With Women, Especially in the White Working ClassThe very large gender gap Donald Trump has generated is really beginning to cut against his reelection odds.
  19. The Uncertain Future of Trumpism Without TrumpRepublicans thought Ed Gillespie had found a way to appeal to Trump supporters without alienating suburbanites. Turns out it’s not so easy.
  20. Trump Democrats Are Rare — But Electorally ImportantAnd the GOP’s heinous health-care bill may allow the Donkey Party to win them back.
  21. Trump’s Loss of Support Is Where He Can Least Afford ItAn analysis of approval data shows Trump struggling with college-educated white voters, and even with his blue-collar “base,” in battleground states.
  22. There May Not Be As Many ‘Trump Democrats’ As Previously ImaginedThe obsession with “Obama-Trump voters” showing the fatal Democratic weakness in 2016 may be based on imaginary party-switchers voting GOP as usual.
  23. Republican Favored in Overshadowed South Carolina Special ElectionLower education levels, a larger minority population, and affection for Trump make this SC race a better bet for the GOP win than GA-06 next door.
  24. Telling Trump Fans He’s Betraying Them Won’t WorkThe president’s white working class base voters won’t abandon him even if Democrats pursue them with populist pitchforks.
  25. ‘Small Government’ Conservatism Is Killing Republican VotersAnd they’re starting to figure that out.
  26. the circus
    The Trump Voters Who Don’t Deserve Democrats’ SympathyIf some people want to vote against their own self-interest, maybe the party should let them.
  27. Hillary Clinton’s Millennial Problem Never Went AwayA new analysis finds her weakness among young white working-class voters and younger black people was crucial on Election Day.
  28. Reminder: Clinton Did Virtually Nothing to Court White Voters in the Rust BeltThere’s plenty of space between ignoring the Rust Belt completely and selling out black voters to appeal to the white working class.
  29. Trump Will Betray His White Working-Class Base. When and How Will Matter a Lot.It will open a door for Democrats.
  30. Trump Has a Voter-Registration ProblemYes, theoretically Trump could benefit from a tide of votes from white working-class voters. But he lacks the resources to get them registered.
  31. Trump’s Incredibly Narrow Path to VictoryTrump is betting everything on an intense appeal to white working-class voters. But it’s not a great bet.
  32. Running Out of Working-Class Whites: Why Trump Is Struggling in Red StatesHow Trump fares will often depend on whether there are non-college-educated whites who aren’t already voting Republican.
  33. Trump No Longer Kicking Ass With the White Working ClassThe mogul is showing some new weakness in his base demographic.