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Whither Gop?

  1. whither gop?
    RNC Political Chair: I Quit, and We’re BrokeHeads up, Michael Steele.
  2. whither gop?
    Republican Staffer Dismissed for Role in RNC Club OutingAnd Michael Steele apparently missed out on the fun.
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    RNC Spent Nearly $2K on Topless L.A. Bondage BarIt sounded like a good idea at the time!
  4. whither gop?
    Maybe Jenny Sanford Should Have Seen This ComingMark Sanford insisted on removing all mentions of fidelity from their wedding vows.
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    Jenny Sanford Files for Divorce“This came after many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation.”
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    Jenny Sanford: My Self-Esteem Is FineThe estranged wife of cheating South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford didn’t take it personally.
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    South Carolina Politicians Keep On GivingAssistant AG busted with a stripper, sex toys and Viagra.
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    Mark Sanford’s Lieutenant Governor Calls for Him to Step DownAnd he doesn’t even stand to gain from this. Confusing.
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    Jenny Sanford: ‘I Also Feel Sorry for the Other Woman’The South Carolina governor’s estranged wife opens up to ‘Vogue.’
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    Jenny Sanford Moves Out of South Carolina Governor’s Mansion NOW who is the governor of South Carolina going to alienate?
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    Lady Gaga Will Save the GOPYoung voters don’t care about government spending. But what about government spending on AUTOTUNE.
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    Sanford: My Outing As an International Philanderer Is Actually Going to Make Things Better, SeeParticularly for school choice.
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    Stephen Colbert Had Mark Sanford’s BackIf only he had waited another hour …
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    State Republicans Mildly Chasten Mark SanfordIt’s time for healing, because the GOP says so!
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    Mark Sanford Has the Soul of a PoetA linguistics professor finds the governor’s public statements contain some impressive literary allusions.
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    Fun With Mark Sanford’s Old Political AdsThis is a gift that keeps on giving.
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    Mark Sanford Still Getting the Hang of This Honesty ThingHe admits that he and his Argentine mistress met more times than previously disclosed.
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    Ironically, Without Wife and Mistress, Mark Sanford Is More Screwed Than EverJenny Sanford always ran her husband’s political life. Now, he has no guidance when he needs it more than ever.
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    Mark Sanford’s Mistress Speaks!Maria Belen Chapur admits to the affair — but adds a twist to the details of its revelation.
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    Okay, Nobody Really Knows Who Maria Belen Chapur Is at AllMark Sanford’s mistress somehow, magically, has eluded the press so far.
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    There Is a Secret Bible House in Washington, D.C.And guess who hung out there? Mark Sanford and John Ensign!
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    Mark Sanford’s Argentine Beauty Didn’t Stay Anonymous for LongThough what exactly we know about her remains unclear.
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    Can Mark Sanford Survive?The factors that could sink him, and what he has working in his favor.
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    The E-mails That Forced Mark Sanford to Come CleanThis is best not read during mealtime.
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    We Don’t Believe Anything Mark Sanford Says AnymoreTurns out he was in Buenos Aires … “driving along the coastline.”
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    Mark Sanford Thinks His Disappearance Is Not NewsworthyHe’s supposedly surprised that anybody cares about his “hiking trip.”
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    South Carolina Governor ‘Took a Hike’Mark Sanford has been walking along the Appalachian Trail for the past five days.
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    By the Way, the Governor of South Carolina Has Gone MissingEven his wife doesn’t know where he is.