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  1. whoops
    Here’s an Actual Nightmare: Naomi Wolf Learning On-Air That Her Book Is WrongSomewhere in the pantheon of anxiety dreams near “showing up to work naked” is “learning on-air that your book is totally wrong.”
  2. whoops
    If You Posted Music on Myspace Between 2003 and 2015, It’s Probably GoneOver 50 million songs have reportedly been deleted.
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    Turns Out That Equifax Hack Was Even Worse Than We ThoughtAnother 2.4 million people need to be concerned.
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    New England Gets False-Alarm Tsunami WarningIt’s like Hawaii, except with giant waves instead of missiles.
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    Strava Says It’s Working With Military After It Goofed and Revealed Secret BasesThe company accidentally revealed the locations of military bases around the world over the weekend.
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    Nootrobox’s Costly ‘Cognitive Enhancement’ Pills Are Less Effective Than CoffeeNot a great look for the brain-hacking start-up.
  7. whoops
    CNN Buries Lede, Announces That New York Has Annexed PennsylvaniaThe escaped prisoners could be anywhere in New York — even Pennsylvania.
  8. whoops
    Pentagon Admits It Accidentally Sent Live Anthrax to More Than 50 LabsFacilities in 17 states, D.C., and three other countries received the samples, way up from what the Department of Defense originally reported.
  9. stuck in the mittle
    Romney and Obama, Just Hanging Out on Martha’s Vineyard Like Two Regular GuysRomney tries populism on for size. It’s not a great fit.
  10. awkward admissions
    Michael Wolff Forced Into Shocking AdmissionWe could never have guessed this one.
  11. shitpicking
    The New York Times’ Archives Are Remarkably ScatologicalYou can’t write ‘shitty’ in the paper, but the word pops up all the time if you search the site.
  12. new jersey
    45 Injured in PATH Train AccidentWhy we should all stay home on Sunday.
  13. whoops
    How Not to Sell Your New Domestic Surveillance Program to the American PublicNothing to be afraid of, except for … DYSTOPIA!
  14. whoops
    People You Don’t Want to Hit With Your CarThe Lord Jesus Christ!
  15. whoops
    Despite Warning From FBI, Port Authority Reportedly Let Zazi Through Checkpoint’Journal’ says Port Authority was tipped off, but still waved would-be subway bomber across bridge.