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    Today’s the Day to Upgrade Your Home Wi-Fi to a Mesh NetworkKill your Wi-Fi dead zones.
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    What You Need to Know About the KRACK Wi-Fi Security ProblemKeep your devices up-to-date!
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    Facebook’s ‘Find Wi-Fi’ Feature Goes GlobalThe company started testing the feature last year.
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    How to Safely Enjoy All That Free Subway Wi-FiNearly every underground subway station is now wired for free Wi-Fi. Here’s how to use it without worry.
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    Google Wifi Is Now the Best Way to Blanket Your Home in Wi-FiIf you’ve been dealing with Wi-Fi dead zones or spotty coverage in your home, Google’s new router is the way to solve it.
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    The ‘Secret’ Unlimited Data Hotspot You Can Write Off on Your TaxesPiggyback off Sprint’s LTE network for a crazy-cheap price, and support a good cause while you’re doing it.
  7. More Than 1,000 People Were Tricked Into Joining Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNCA security company set up the networks near the convention site as a test.
  8. Reciting Wi-Fi Passwords Is Still Very AnnoyingWeird that we haven’t solved this yet.
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    MTA Plans Wi-Fi for Trains to Appease the YoungThe trains, not just the stations.
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    Decrepit NYC Pay Phones Now Offering Free Wi-FiNo quarter required.
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    Dumbo About to Get Even More HipFree Wi-Fi for everyone!
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    The FCC Sorta Tries to Keep the Internet Kinda FreeAnother proposal on net neutrality.
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    Subway Station Cell-Phone Service Arriving Ahead of ScheduleAll stations to be wired by 2016.
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    Alex Mashinsiky Is Determined to Bombard You With ConnectivityWi-Fi in 1,000 livery cars by fall.
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    Wi-Fi and Mobile Service Coming to New York Subway Stations$200 million plan is moving forward.