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  1. into the wild
    Plane vs. Bird: The Dark Side of Human-Aviation RelationsThe surprising insights of an FAA manual on wildlife management.
  2. wildlife
    New York City’s Rats Are Doing Just FineThe ratpocalypse came and went.
  3. environment
    The Trump Administration’s War on Wildlife Should Be a ScandalAmid the broader environmental damage, the eradication of certain wildlife due to farming, drilling, and hunting policies has mostly gone unnoticed.
  4. A Rare Look at the Stunningly Beautiful World Beneath Antarctica’s IceWe don’t normally get to see this.
  5. Here Are the Species That Might Be Leaving Us SoonUnlike other natural mass extinctions, this one’s our fault.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Visitors Are Behaving Worse Than Ever at National ParksIn one month, park rangers had to handle 11,000 incidents at the nation’s ten most popular parks.
  7. urban fauna
    Inside the Avian Clinic That Brings Birds Back From the BrinkNew York birds restored to health after gunshot wounds, mid-flight collisions, and other indignities.
  8. 13 Bald Eagles Found Dead on Maryland FarmMaybe they heard that Trump won South Carolina.
  9. Snakes Enjoying Tourist Season in New York AreaThe subway can’t have all the fun, anyway.
  10. attack of the drones
    Study Shows That Bears Cannot Bear DronesScientists who want to monitor wildlife might just end up scaring the hell out of them.
  11. Considering the Wild Millennial in its HabitatThe millennial in its natural habitat.
  12. frogs
    It’s Not Easy Being … a New Leopard Frog SpeciesNot to be confused with the southern leopard frog.
  13. wildlife
    New York Terrorized by Disease-Ridden, Apple-Eating, 300-Pound Feral PigsThankfully they’re upstate.
  14. animohio
    Exotic Animals Slaughtered in Ohio After Escape, Keeper’s SuicideLike that scene from “12 Monkeys.”
  15. big cats
    The Greenwich Mountain Lion Was Really From South DakotaIt WALKED here.
  16. smug parents
    Mountain Lion Terrorizes Greenwich Residents“It’s especially scary for people with kids.”
  17. neighborhood news
    The Gowanus Canal’s Toxic Waters Now Support Some Manner of WildlifeA muskrat joins the hipster houseboats.
  18. Raccoon Now Thoroughly at Ease on Clinton Hill Streets’The Racc[o]on was chillin, hard.’