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William Ayers

  1. the white house
    Celebrities Have Been to the White House (Gasp!)And also other rich people.
  2. election hangover
    William Ayers: ‘I Wish I Knew Obama Better’In an interview with ‘Good Morning America,’ the former sixties radical rejected the proposition that his association with Barack Obama should have been an issue in the campaign.
  3. debatable
    One Reason Why the Third Debate Won’t SuckMcCain says Obama’s taunts have ‘probably ensured’ that William Ayers will be brought up in Wednesday’s debate.
  4. instant politics
    Michael Idov and Matt Taibbi on Obama’s Foregone Historic Win, and the Morass It Will Land In’Rolling Stone’ columnist Matt Taibbi and ‘New York’ writer Michael Idov discuss why John McCain is “one of the worst” presidential candidates ever, Russian glee over American’s problems, and what happens after a possible President Obama is hammered for what he doesn’t manage to achieve.
  5. early and often
    Does America Care About William Ayers?Or are we kind of preoccupied with other things right now?
  6. early and often
    This William Ayers Thing Can’t Go On Forever — Maybe McCain Should Start Playing CrapsYesterday afternoon, the McCain camp escalated their Ayers rhetoric, but there are still 26 days until the election. If this is going to be their only tactic, they’re going to have to get extreme.