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William Orrick

  1. Appeals Court Rules Against Trump Effort to Deny Grants to Sanctuary CitiesThe administration defended its proposed ban on grants to states and localities that don’t cooperate with ICE by arguing it was mere rhetoric.
  2. Judge Rules Trump’s Sanctuary-Cities Order Flagrantly UnconstitutionalThe Trump-Sessions effort to withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities is now dead, and likely won’t be revived in its current form.
  3. A Frustrated and Confused Trump Wants to Bust Up the 9th CircuitBelieving in error that an appeals court made a district court decision he could have avoided, the president lashes out ineffectually at judges again.
  4. Trump Attacks Wrong Court for Sanctuary Cities DecisionOn Twitter, the president lashes out at the Ninth Circuit for a district court decision that his own blustering words made inevitable.
  5. Federal Judge Halts Trump’s Punishment of Sanctuary CitiesEnforcement of the executive order has been halted on grounds that administration tough-talk vastly exceeds the government’s constitutional powers.