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William Taylor

  1. the national interest
    Two New Staffers Destroy Trump’s ‘Hearsay’ DefenseRemember “There is no direct linkage to the president of the United States”? Well now there is.
  2. trump impeachment
    William Taylor Drops a Potential Bombshell in Impeachment HearingsThe envoy’s staffer overheard Gordon Sondland and President Trump talking about pushing Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.
  3. impeachment
    Republicans Storm Closed Meeting, Demand Transparency for Stonewalling TrumpTrump’s allies want transparency from Congress, but not from him.
  4. impeachment
    In Testimony, American Envoy to Ukraine Outlines Trump’s Quid Pro QuoWilliam Taylor, a career diplomat, spelled out the Trump administration’s quid pro quo in the clearest terms yet.