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    Talking With Cesar Paolini, the Best HQ Player in the WorldPaolini was the only person to answer all 12 questions correctly on Wednesday afternoon, so he walked away with $1,500.
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    3 People in Queens Win $1 MillionOne person won after buying a Powerball ticket at — we’re not making this up — the Good Lucky Charm Gift Shop.
  3. 4 Tunisian Civil-Society Organizations Share the Nobel Peace PrizeThe National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia protected the democratic process following the country’s Arab Spring uprising. 
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    The World Has a New ‘Ugliest’ DogHello Peanut!
  5. blog-stained wretches
    All Politico Does Is WinLosers need not apply.
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    I’ll Have Another Lives Up to His NameNo, he hasn’t become an alcoholic.
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    Here Is a Photo of Vikram Pandit Holding a FalconFun!