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Winter Olympics

  1. sports
    Winter Olympic Events, Ranked by How Scared I Am to Try ThemSurprisingly, a sport called “skeleton” doesn’t take the top spot.
  2. winter olympics 2022
    10 Moments You Missed at the 2022 Winter Olympics Opening CeremonyFrom the return of “Map Daddy” to the debut of another shirtless flag bearer.
  3. sports
    The Winterless OlympicsIt’s probably not a good sign that all the skiing and snowboarding events at the Beijing games will rely entirely on artificial snow.
  4. omicron
    Beijing’s Olympics Will Probably Be As Depressing As Tokyo’sCOVID limitations mean that only pre-approved fans will be able to attend the Winter Games.
  5. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: NBC Fiddles As Kiev BurnsDoes Sochi 2014 = Berlin 1936?
  6. Alan Cumming Is Boycotting the Sochi Olympics“No ice skating for me.”
  7. sochi 2014
    Olympic Athletes Told to Go Incognito in SochiLeave the uniforms in the dorm room.
  8. other countries’ embarrassments
    Putin Trolls Gays Ahead of OlympicsVladimir Putin insists the events are gay-friendly.
  9. Russian Gays Talk ‘Homosexual Propaganda’ and Life in New YorkThings are getting weird in Moscow.
  10. vancouver games
    Winter Olympics Score Massive Ratings for NBCAlso, basically everyone in Canada watched their hockey team take gold.