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Winter Storm Nemo

  1. talking about the weather
    The Northeast Still Has a Lot of Snow to Clear This weekend’s blizzard was one of the biggest in New England history.
  2. sad things
    Brooklyn House Fire Kills 8-Year-Old Boy During SnowstormThe city’s only casualty.
  3. looking at the weather
    Broken Umbrellas, Snowed-In Cars, and Other Photos From Last Night’s BlizzardWhile New England struggled with flooding and power outages, New York was transformed into a winter wonderland.
  4. talking about the weather
    Here’s What Happened During the Big Snowstorm [Updated]650,000 people in New England lost power, for one thing.
  5. how tweet it is
    @LazyMayorBooker Is Tired of Personally Solving Everyone’s ProblemsSo satisfying.
  6. talking about the weather
    The Meteorological-Supermarket Complex Is Playing You, SheepleYes, go stock up for “Nemo.”
  7. talking about the weather
    New York Will Only Be Buried by a Measly Foot and a Half of Snow“The good news, I guess if you like snow, is that we’re going to have snow,” says Bloomberg.