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  1. bundle up!
    How Does Outdoor Dining Work in the Snow?New York City’s Department of Sanitation has issued some important new guidelines.
  2. select all
    These Horses Promptly Retreating From the Snow Are All of Us This WinterIt only took two steps outside for these horses to decide that they wanted nothing to do with the weather.
  3. winter isn’t coming
    It’s Official: The Strongest El Niño in 18 Years Will Keep You Warm This WinterLet El Niño’s big, gentle atmospheric arms wrap around you …
  4. This Winter’s Silver Lining: At Least We’re Not in BostonThis is officially the city’s snowiest winter since 1872.
  5. winter
    Advice on How to Stay Warm From New Yorkers Who Work Outside“Stay inside! I just do this because I don’t have a choice.”
  6. talking about the weather
    Winter Storms May Be Ruining Your Life, But the Economy Is FineLast year’s weather was actually worse for business.
  7. talking about the weather
    Winter Goes Out Fighting, Hurls Chunks of Ice at Tourists Underneath 30 Rock.
  8. talking about the weather
    This Winter Is Killing New York City’s Birds TooAnd we thought humans had it bad.
  9. talking about the weather
    El Niño Supposedly Coming With Warmer WeatherWelcome back!
  10. bill de blasio’s new york
    Brooklyn Sidewalks Still Full of Dead Christmas TreesThe humanity!
  11. snowpocalypse 2014
    11 People Gloriously Crashing on SledsThe bright side of a freezing snowstorm.
  12. snowpocalypse 2014
    A ‘Polar Vortex’ Is About to Freeze the CountryPlan to stay indoors this weekend.
  13. talking about the weather
    It’s Record-Breakingly Warm in New York Right NowIt should cool down in time for Christmas.
  14. ice skating rinks
    Sorry Brooklyn: Your Skating Rinks Are IcedNeither McCarren Pool nor Prospect Park will have rinks.
  15. fat
    Your Fat Cannibalizes Itself When You Get ColdSo says science.
  16. winter
    Polar Bear Club Takes a Quick Dip at Coney IslandCheck out some photos from the New Year’s winter swim.
  17. occupy wall street
    Winterizing Wall Street: Hypothermia and the 99 PercentLess like a movement and more like a winter survival course.
  18. commenter sourcing
    What Is Your Staying-Warm Secret?Daily Intel has a few of its own.
  19. neighborhood watch
    The People Who Went in Coney Water Yesterday Are Not Real PeopleThey call themselves Polar Bears, but they are really temperature-free swimbots.
  20. party lines
    Skating With Mariska, Carson, Johnny, and the Kids At last, an upside to this inconveniently truthy weather: an outdoor ice-skating party in April that felt as frigid as an ice-skating party ought to. “Skating With the Stars Under the Stars,” held at Central Park’s Wollman Rink last night, wasn’t a competition; it was a free-skate night benefiting Figure Skating in Harlem, a skating and educational program for girls, many of whom were on hand in snazzy ensembles to skate and get celeb autographs. The celeb contingent included lots of skaters — plus, of course, Mariska Hargitay. But the quotes of the night belonged to Carson Kressley and Johnny Weir; they’re after the jump.
  21. the morning line
    That’s Why the Steamroller Is a Tyrant • That was fast: Spitzer has earned the epithet “tyrannical” for the first — and probably not the last — time in his gubernatorial tenure. Apparently, the Spitz now tours fellow Democrats’ districts to individually rip the legislators for reneging on the comptroller deal. [NYDN] • Late policeman Cesar Borja became the human face of the post-9/11 illnesses befalling first responders. The Times bursts that heroic bubble today by reporting that Borja wasn’t even a second responder; he never rushed to the site on 9/11 and simply picked up a few shifts there, in December 2001, for overtime pay. [NYT] • The president, meantime, can’t keep his mitts off another hero — Wesley Autrey, our bunny-hat-sporting subway savior; weeks after his cameo at the State of the Union, he is back at the White House for some sort of George Bush Cares About Black People shindig. (Among other invitees: Charlie Rangel.) [NYP] • Chuck Schumer, Christine Quinn, and Hillary Clinton pile on Clipper Equity, threatening to block its Starrett City purchase unless they see an ironclad pledge to keep the complex’s 6,000 units affordable. Turns out Clipper “doesn’t have a written plan” for its $1.3 billion impulse buy. [amNY] • And get ready for actual snow, if you remember what the stuff is; a few inches of it are expected this afternoon. But don’t get too excited: This bit of real winter will quickly be replaced by that post-millennial stand-in — freezing rain — by tomorrow morning. [4 Weather Plus]
  22. photo op
    Walking in a Winter Wonderland We’re as confused as this dog is: Snow? In Union Square? Today? (Hell, at all this winter?) It can’t be! Actually, it can. Apparently, the world’s top snowboarders are converging on Union Square at three o’clock this afternoon for a Jeep-sponsored competition. They’ll “participate in a rail jam format on a customized urban rail,” whatever that means, and the winner gets $30,000. But first, the snow. We’ve got none this year, or at least none to speak of, so it’s all been trucked in. Ten tons of the white stuff, says NY1. Which, once Fido has his way with it, will be yellow stuff. Union Square Street Sessions [Snowboard-mag.com] Snowboarders Launch Winter Jam 2007 [NY1]
  23. it just happened
    It’s Snowing! (Briefly) After the record-setting dearth of snow this winter, Daily Intel is pleased to report we saw the first flakes fall at 9:49 this morning, in the West Village. Our Carroll Gardens correspondent reported snowfall in that Brooklyn neighborhood shortly thereafter, although our Park Slope correspondent says his location remains unflurried. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. UPDATE: As we were typing, the snow stopped and the sun came out. So much for that. ANOTHER UPDATE: An email correspondent reports flurries in Park Slope at 9:30. Wacky Weather Hits New York City as Temperatures Hit Record High [Newsday]