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  1. The Supreme Court’s Cell-Phone-Tracking Case Has High StakesWill the Court allow the government to erect a digital panopticon?
  2. big lies
    No Evidence Obama Tapped Trump Tower, DOJ Confirms in Rebuke of TrumpOne of the president’s biggest lies has been finally and officially exposed by his own administration.
  3. Albany Lawmakers Worried Everyone Is Wearing Wires“As to whether it is the NSA, prosecutors or the Russian Mafia keeping tabs, probably somebody has the tapes.”
  4. the future is coming
    Congress Scolds FacebookThey want to know how Farmville and other apps were able to pass on the IDs of users and their friends to outside companies.
  5. the future is coming
    The U.S. Wants to Wiretap Your InternetFirst they came for your anonymous comments.