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Wishful Thinking

  1. wishful thinking
    Trump Is Still Pretending He Won the Nobel Peace PrizeThe superimposition of the Nobel Prize over a clip of Trump with Arab and Israeli leaders implied that he won the humanitarian award. He has not.
  2. The OECD Endorses the Agenda of an Imaginary President TrumpThe OECD says Trump’s agenda will spur global growth, assuming that agenda includes free trade, subsidized child care, and job-retraining programs.
  3. wishful thinking
    72% of Americans Adorably Plan to Vote in 2016A new poll shows that the election hasn’t yet wrecked the humanity of the American people quite yet.
  4. 2012
    GOP Donors Are STILL Trying to Get a New Candidate Into the RaceYou guys! Accept the things you cannot change!
  5. wishful thinking
    The Recession Is Over!Who needs the National Bureau of Economic Research? We’re calling this thing.