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Women We Love

  1. white men with money (on paper)
    Phil Falcone Forced to Find a New Way to Pay the BillsThe financier has to post art as collateral to keep a $50 million roof over his family’s head.
  2. women we love
    Lisa Falcone Will Not Be Held BackThe hedge-fund wife turns out in her feathered best.
  3. women we love
    Lisa Falcone: ‘God Gave Me Something That I’m Better at Than Anyone Else. And That’s Being Me.’She really is good at it.
  4. brushes with greatness
    Spotted: Lisa Falcone, Shoe ShoppingTo be fair, she was in the sale section.
  5. women we love
    Lisa Falcone Will Not Be StoppedThe billionairess pairs crutches with silver lamé pants.
  6. women we love
    Lisa Falcone Is Having a Bar Installed in Her ClosetGod, we love this woman.