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  1. media deathwatch
    The Media Is Twittering Away Its Short Time on EarthThe day in media news.
  2. instant politics
    Ken Layne and Ben Smith on Being ‘In the Tank’ and Why McCain’s So ResilientWonkette’s Ken Layne and Politico’s Ben Smith discuss the McCain campaign’s accusation that Smith is “in the tank,” the possibility of Henry Paulson and Chris Dodd taking over the country, and the proliferation and pitfalls of political blogs.
  3. instant politics
    Eli Attie and Ken Layne on Whether Obama Can Steer This Election Back to Substance’West Wing’ screenwriter and former Al Gore speechwriter Eli Attie and Wonkette’s Ken Layne discuss the inscrutability of undecided voters, whether the debates will matter, and what Philip K. Dick has to do with it.
  4. instant politics
    Markos Moulitsas and Alex Pareene on McCain’s Mysterious Bump, Obama and the Electoral College, and Fetishizing the Undecided VoterToday, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas and Gawker’s Alex Pareene discuss campaign lies, the movement to declaw the Electoral College, and why you shouldn’t be worried about the polls — yet.
  5. company town
    Ana Marie Cox Comes Full Circle at ‘Radar’The founding Wonkette editor signs on to do irreverent political coverage for Maer’s magazine, another Charles Kushner associate goes down, and Andrew Cuomo noses around Dick Grasso’s package, in our daily roundup of news from the worlds of media, real estate, law, and finance.
  6. company town
    Gawker Media Spins Off Wonkette, Gridskipper, and IdolatorSting buys a new place, the West Side is in jeopardy, and Wachovia raises $7 billion in our daily news roundup.