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  1. tiger woods
    Tiger Woods Gives Up on PrivacyHe’s selling his megayacht.
  2. tiger catches tail
    Us Weekly: Tiger Woods Moves to ManhattanYou know, for the privacy.
  3. tiger catches tail
    Alleged Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel to Pose for PlayboyAll those years of winking and posing with her mouth open have not gone to waste!
  4. men are little boys
    Tiger Woods Is Basically a Gigantic ToddlerWith, you know, a billion dollars.
  5. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Divorce Looming, For RealIt’s not just that Elin skipped the Masters.
  6. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods: ‘The Fact that I Won Golf Tournaments Is Frankly Irrelevant’The golf great faces reporters’ questions before the Masters.
  7. tiger catches tail
    Woods Mistresses: Tiger Was Cheap, Randy, GrossAnd he hung out with bad role models!
  8. tiger catches tail
    Joslyn James Posts Tiger Woods ‘Sexts’WARNING: Extremely filthy material ahead.
  9. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Calls on Bush PR Man to Help Rescue Public ImageAri Fleischer! Why didn’t we think of that?
  10. tiger catches tail
    Jamie Jungers Is the Best Tiger Woods Mistress EverWe already knew this, of course.
  11. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Spotted KissingSigh. Sex addicts.
  12. caption contest
    Fresh From Sex Rehab, Tiger Woods Plants One on the First Woman He SeesHis mom. Awwww. Or: Ewww?
  13. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods: ‘I Was Unfaithful. I Had Affairs. I Cheated.’The disgraced golf great almost gives us the press conference we’ve all been waiting for.
  14. tiger catches tail
    Advance Excerpts From Tiger Woods’s Press Conference Tomorrow“Practice Makes Perfect” is a motto best kept on the golf course.
  15. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods to Publicly Apologize Friday (Updated)But no one will be allowed to ask any questions.
  16. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel to Get TV Gossip Gig?This is like when Ashley Dupré got a job giving relationship advice.
  17. tiger catches tail
    Report: Elin Impersonated Tiger via Text to Bust MistressMore light has been potentially shed on that crazy night over Thanksgiving that led to the golf great’s downfall.
  18. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Reportedly Not Good at Sex RehabWhy does this not surprise us?
  19. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Seemingly Photographed Outside of Sex-Rehab FacilityHeh, Gentle Path.
  20. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Isn’t Allowed to MasturbateSources at a Mississippi sex-rehab clinic gave writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis a peek into what the disgraced golf great is going through.
  21. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Probably Regrets That Annie Leibovitz Photo ShootBecause now there’s a photo of him looking like a scary thug on the cover of ‘Vanity Fair.’
  22. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Caused Sponsors to Lose $5 to $12 BillionTiger’s SUV wasn’t the only thing to get beat up in this mess.
  23. tiger catches tail
    Jamie Jungers Took Naked Pictures of Tiger Woods While He Was SleepingWe were going to say that this is every celebrity’s nightmare, but it’s kind of our nightmare, too.
  24. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Plays Sad Golf at NightGolf is meant to be happy! And happen during the day!
  25. tiger catches tail
    People: Elin Nordegren to Divorce Tiger WoodsBut not to worry! He still has that big project in Dubai going for him.
  26. tiger catches tail
    Unveiled: Tiger Woods’s Thirteenth Mistress!And boy will you be surprised.
  27. tiger catches tail
    Jamie Jungers on Today Show: I Loved Tiger WoodsThe cocktail waitress said Tiger left her “heartbroken.”
  28. tiger catches tail
    Mistress: Tiger Paid for SexNow that’s better.
  29. clooney catches tiger’s tail
    George Clooney May Have Had Sex With Someone Tiger Woods May Have Had Sex WithWell! This moves the story forward!
  30. tiger catches tail
    Inside Tiger Woods’s and Rachel Uchitel’s HomesToday’s news involves possible pimps, plastic surgery, and Pepsi!
  31. tiger catches tail
    Why Do Women Who Sleep With Celebrities Always Have Ready-Made Sexy Photo Shoots?A think piece.
  32. tiger catches tail
    Here’s a Question: Do We Really Want to See Tiger Woods’s Junk?Two outlets are reporting that there are cell-phone pictures of his private parts available for the highest bidder.
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    Meet Cori Rist, Manhattan’s Latest Addition to the Tiger Woods ScandalAnd so Skank Week becomes Skank Fortnight.
  34. tiger catches tail
    Skank Week Is Not Yet Over: There Is Still Ambien Sex to Talk AboutThank you, Rachel Uchitel. Thank you.
  35. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel Cancels Press ConferenceThis is a loss for everybody. Except probably not her.
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    Spirit Air Announces ‘Eye of the Tiger’ SaleYou can see where this is going.
  37. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods: ‘I Have Let My Family Down’The golfer releases a statement.
  38. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods’s Alleged Mistress: ‘I Do Not Sleep With Celebrities’Then why all the boasting about sleeping with celebrities, Rach?
  39. tiger catches tail
    Who Is Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods’s Alleged Other Woman?And what is a VIP operations director?