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  1. how hitchcockian
    Hitchcock Movie Happening in QueensBird attack!
  2. neighborhood watch
    South Slope Gets Its Own Tower of ToysA ‘Retirement Home for Well-Loved Stuffies’ (not scruffles, mind you) has taken up residence near a tree in this hood. Plus, everything else in our daily borough roundup!
  3. neighborhood watch
    Everybody’s Sexy in Stuyvesant Town!Busy, buzz-y bees transfix the UES, canine golden showers threaten the Tribeca ecosystem, and cool-coiffed Queens beep Helen Marshall rocks springtime style in Woodside. That and more in our breathless daily boroughs report.
  4. neighborhood watch
    Tompkins Square Park Faces Off Against the QuietWho’s stealing the big bronze bells of Woodside? That and other burning questions in our daily report from the hoods.
  5. neighborhood watch
    Sharks on Coney Island! And Expensive Ones, at ThatBowery: No sooner had this lovable bum moved out of the street box he lived in and into a proper $300-a-month room than his troubles began. [NYT] Bushwick: Behold the new ‘swhick-specific haiku trend: “Dude with the corn rows/Stop selling crack, you scumbag/Sell good pot instead.” [BushwickBK] Coney Island: The fancy exterior redo for the New York Aquarium may have to be, uh, scaled back due to a planned $64 million exhibition on sharks. [Coney Island via Curbed]
  6. neighborhood watch
    Times Square Gets Butt-UglierBushwick: Finally, a place to share your memories of growing up around here. [BushwickBK] Chelsea: First Ethan Hawke, and now Joe Franklin. Who will be the next celeb to show his support of Stanley Bard and family? [Living With Legends] Clinton Hill: Don’t bitch that Brownstoner posts a preponderance of items about this hood … even the score by sending in tips about your hood! [Brownstoner] Coney Island: Developer Joe Sitt hit a community meeting last night to drum up support for his embattled Coney plans, saying he’d go home and pray for good press. [Gowanus Lounge] Harlem: How is it that construction starts here a full 45 minutes earlier than anywhere else in the city? [Above the Doorframe] Highland Park: Who is poaching the beautiful wild American goldfinches in the Ridgewood Reservoir? For shame! [Queens Crap] Times Square: A huge billboard of smiling buttocks will go up here soon to promote a new, built-in bidet-type gadget. [AdAge via Gothamist] Woodside: More affordable housing will likely come to this part of Queens as well as to Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Corona. [NYDN via OuterB]
  7. neighborhood watch
    New Zoning Laws Make Queens Boulevard Even UglierBrooklyn Heights: Looks like the popular eatery Le Petit Marche (there’s no “e” on Petit, people, it’s masculin!) is getting a fancy face-lift. [Brooklyn Heights Blog] Fort Greene: The landmarks commish last month gave the nod to the Carlton Mews Project — which, remarkably, everyone seems to love. [Brownstoner] Harlem: Now that H&H bagels are at Saurin Parke Café it requires 24-hour police surveillance. [Harlem Fur] Hell’s Kitchen: After two pedestrians were killed and one injured by vehicles on Ninth Avenue, it’s Manhattan’s latest “Boulevard of Death.” [Streetsblog] Park Slope: You think all those Saabs and Volvos cruising Seventh Avenue are just out wildin’? Nah, they’re looking for parking … because, a new study finds, there isn’t any. [Gowanus Lounge] West Village: Longstanding and beloved bistro Florent, the last bohemian holdout of the newly flashy meatpacking district, is now taking credit cards. Sacre bleu! [Blog Chelsea] Woodside: The upzoning of Queens Boulevard has led to ugly, cheap buildings too tall for the area. [Queens Crap]
  8. neighborhood watch
    Squatting in Bushwick Not as Much Fun as on BroadwayBushwick: Christian anarchists squat with no heat, lights, or water. Rent made it seem much more fun. [The L Magazine] Chelsea: Atop David Barton Gym in the old 23rd Street YMCA building, the penthouse is still unoccupied, its price sagging from $7.4 to $7.2 mil. [BlogChelsea] Greenwich Village: Who’s that grinning from the toilet in the floor plan of this $645,000, on-the-market Fourth Avenue loft? Could it be … Satan? [Curbed] Harlem: Talk about mighty Aphrodite. Yet another Aphrodite Cleaners is opening at 113th and Frederick Douglass, within blocks of three others. No wonder locals are calling the chain “the Starbucks of Harlem.” [Harlem Fur] Park Slope: Book-industry thuggery? Adam’s Books on Bergen Street has been reshingled Unnameable Books after owner Adam (duh) was visited by a violent goon who may or may not have been from the (slightly defensive?) Adams Book Company. [Brooklyn Record] Woodside: Hey, is that a new residence at 65th Place … or with all that metal cladding, is it a live-in Brinks Truck? [Queens Crap]