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    ‘Cyber’ Is Here to StayThe prefix has become a shorthand for the scary unknown of technological progress.
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    An Apple-FBI Fight Tech GlossaryWhat’s firmware? What’s encryption? Making sense of the jargon in the year’s biggest tech story.
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    Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum Are Auditioning for the Same Part in 2016Which one will win the race to be 2016’s unapologetic social conservative?
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    Comparing Word Clouds From ‘Why We’re at War’ SpeechesHow does the language in Obama’s speech compare to words used to explain why we were in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo?
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    Historical Persecution of the Jews Quickly Becoming MeaninglessNow criticism of Sarah Palin is like a “pogrom.”
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    David Axelrod Accused of ‘Hippie Punching’Our search for … what that is.
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    Arlen Specter Is the Only Person in the World Who Uses the Phrase ‘Smoking Dutch Cleanser’We have never heard this before.
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    ‘Socialism’ Isn’t a Dirty Word for DemocratsIn fact, it’s about as good as capitalism.
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    ‘Reconciliation’ Is Now a Dirty WordIt’s a simple majority now. If you don’t like simple majorities, you should just go back to the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin.
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    ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’: The Allure, and Danger, of a Favorite Political MantraIt’s been chanted for decades, but can it do more harm than good this time around?
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    Facebook Doesn’t Care Whether You ‘Defriend’ or ‘Unfriend’In response to Oxford’s word of the year selection, the social networking website says either term is fine.