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  1. democratic party
    Democrats Have a Problem. ‘Workers, Wages, Weed’ May Be the Answer.The party needs a clear national brand with strong appeal to non-college-educated voters.
  2. for fc’s sake
    Amazon’s ‘Ambassador’ Program Is Hilariously MisconceivedThe program is meant to be damage control, but it feels like a hostage situation.
  3. Trump’s Economic Strategy Is Looking More and More Like a Right-wing Governor’sLowering business costs in exchange for jobs — and quality of life.
  4. The Working Class Isn’t All That White AnymoreThere are good reasons to pay attention to the politics of the white working class. But let’s not ignore the growing share of the working class that is black and brown. 
  5. technology
    Apple’s Foxconn Promises to Treat Workers BetterThe Fair Labor Association has completed its month-long investigation.
  6. office politics
    Science: Fake Smiling at the Office Actually Makes You MiserableThis explains everything.
  7. starbucks bucks
    Starbucks Workers Get Holiday Pay, Protest AnywayVenti latte makers unite!