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Working Families Party

  1. just asking questions
    ‘Adams Has Not Communicated Value for the Lives of Our Brothers and Sisters’The exiting head of the New York Working Families Party has some parting shots for Democrats and hopes for progressives statewide.
  2. the city politic
    Why Yuh-Line Niou Didn’t Run Against Dan Goldman AgainThe runner-up in the Democratic primary for the Manhattan-Brooklyn congressional district explains her decision to pass on a redo in November.
  3. the city politic
    What Happened to the Left in New York on Tuesday?Up and down the ballot, progressives couldn’t break through. The energy of the Trump years is gone, and it’s not clear what may replace it.
  4. nyc mayoral race
    Working Families Party Issues Dual Endorsement of Maya Wiley and Dianne MoralesThe progressive group’s co-sign — revoked from Stringer following a groping allegation — could help the candidates gain much-needed momentum.
  5. nyc mayoral race
    Jay-Z Endorses McGuire, Working Families Party Endorses Stringer for NYC MayorA big night for co-signs from Empire State institutions.
  6. politics
    The Working Families Party’s Fight for SurvivalCan Cuomo kill the left’s best chance at its own political party?
  7. It’s Hard to Imagine an Endorsement More Useless Than the One Crowley Just GotWhether Crowley wants to back Ocasio-Cortez or challenge her in November, he couldn’t be happy with Joe Lieberman’s support for a third-party bid.
  8. city politic
    Working Families Party Mulls All-out War With CuomoSlighted by the governor, the party backed Cynthia Nixon. Now they must decide if their fight for survival is worth risking a GOP administration.
  9. Unlike New York’s Unions, California’s Are Backing an Insurgent CandidateDianne Feinstein inspires no fear among progressive union activists. Andrew Cuomo does.
  10. new york politics
    Working Families Party Endorses Nixon, Despite Pressure From CuomoCynthia Nixon will now definitely have a place on the ballot this November if she wants it.
  11. Cuomo Goes to War With Working Families Party Before Vote to Endorse NixonNixon may get both a general election ballot line and fresh evidence that Cuomo is “Andrew the Bully.”
  12. 2016
    Working Families Party Wants to Draft Elizabeth Warren for 2016Which is awkward on multiple levels.
  13. city politic
    How Cuomo Played the Working Families PartyThe left-leaning party trusted the governor’s promises. Maybe they shouldn’t have.
  14. election hangover
    Matt Damon Will Not Humiliate Himself for New York’s Amusement After AllHe was going to wear a Yankees hat if New Yorkers voted for the Working Families Party.
  15. stand clear of the closing doors
    The MTA Doesn’t Think the Subway’s Constant Service Changes Are Funny at AllAds using acronyms like WTF have been rejected.
  16. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Inching Toward Election Day OmnipresenceHe’ll now be on the Republican and Independence Party ballot lines. But why stop there?
  17. the third terminator
    Unsurprisingly, Political Parties Don’t Want Bloomberg BackAfter years of bashing party politics, why would they? Too bad he needs them now.
  18. the greatest depression
    Fair Share Tax Reform Gaining MomentumState Senate Democrats plan to introduce a bill today to raise income taxes to 10.3 percent on households making over $250,000.
  19. early and often
    Diaz: ‘I Am Still a Democrat. And I Will Always Be a Democrat’’But I won’t vote with the Democrats.’