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    The Best World Cup Final Ever?Wow, what a game.
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    The Last World CupAfter Qatar, soccer may never be the same again.
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    Fox Sports Still Sucks at This, and Other World Cup TakeawaysWhat we learned from a riveting and dispiriting tournament.
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    There’s Nothing More American Than Watching Soccer in SpanishThe time-honored pleasures of tuning in to Telemundo.
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    The Best Team in the World Is Out of the World CupAnother devastating quarterfinals defeat for Brazil.
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    Goalkeepers Gone WildAt the World Cup, netminders are increasingly going on offense. The consequences can be miraculous or disastrous.
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    Why Was Eric Adams Really in Qatar?The mayor went to some World Cup matches, met investors, and didn’t appear to say much about the tournament’s alleged abuses.
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    The U.S. Team Can Hold Their Heads HighLosing to the Netherlands was deeply frustrating, but the Americans’ best days are ahead of them.
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    Roger Bennett Is U.S. Soccer’s Biggest FanHe may speak with an English accent, but he has distinctly American ingenuity.
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    The U.S. Can Absolutely Beat the Netherlands on SaturdayYour guide to this weekend’s very big, very winnable game.
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    Pulisic Says He’ll Return From Very Painful-Sounding Injury“Pelvic” and “contusion” are two words you never want to see together.
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    The U.S. Pulled It OffThey survived a tense second half and an injury to their best player to beat Iran.
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    The Five Most Dramatic Subplots Ahead of U.S.-IranAs the geopolitical foes square off in Qatar, there’s a lot hanging in the balance.
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    The U.S. Just Outplayed England at the World CupThey were the better team in Friday’s scoreless draw — which is amazing.
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    The Biggest World Cup Upset in History?Saudi Arabia beat Argentina on Tuesday, in one of the great soccer shockers of all time.
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    The U.S. Team’s Draw With Wales Felt Like a LossDisappointment at not beating a top-20 team is actually a sign of progress for the Americans.
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    The Weirdest and Most Dramatic Moments at the World Cup So Far“We want beer!” is not a chant you hear at every tournament.
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    The Wrenching Moral Calculus of Watching the World CupQatar 2022 is rotten to the core, but ignoring the tournament is not realistic.
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    The World Cup Is the Only Real American Underdog StorySometimes it’s nice to root for a scrappy up-and-comer, and this year’s men’s team is exactly that.
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    Did You Know the World Cup Is in Two Months?The strange timing (and location) of the world’s biggest sporting event will make it a hard sell in America.
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    The 10 Biggest Sports Stories of the DecadeFrom the rise of athlete autonomy to the end of a very long baseball curse.
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    A National Team for the Trump EraThe U.S. Women’s World Cup victory was sweet because of Megan Rapinoe’s and her teammates’ activism.
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    The Women’s World Cup and the Future of American SportsThe last American triumph in the Women’s World Cup felt like the birth of a new era in women’s sports. Another win could lead to the era’s maturation.
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    Missing the World Cup Is Like Detention for the United StatesSomehow it fits that America missed the tournament for the first time in a generation.
  25. The U.S. May Not Land the 2026 World Cup and It’s All Trump’s FaultMore than 200 FIFA members have to vote on the host and Trump has reportedly imperiled America’s chances.
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    Relive the Most Glorious Moments From Team USA’s World Cup Final WinCarli Lloyd was relentless.
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    Vladimir Putin Is Not Impressed With the FIFA IndictmentOther people and organizations are not impressed with FIFA.
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    Rival Popes Will Not Be Watching the World Cup Together, or at AllThey don’t really care, and it’s on too late anyway.
  29. ink-stained wretches
    The Saddest Newspaper Front Pages in Brazil After Their World Cup EmbarrassmentO major fiasco da história.
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    Famous People Watching the U.S. World Cup GameOn Air Force One, at a random person’s Brooklyn apartment, and so on.
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    Smiley Joe Biden Congratulates U.S. World Cup Team With BidenismsThe vice president brings the good vibes.
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    Delta Airlines Learns Giraffes Don’t Live in GhanaA celebratory World Cup tweet went very wrong.
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    Leitch: Is 2014 the Year Soccer in America (Truly) Goes Mainstream?Just wait until the national team gets good.
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    U.S. World Cup Draw Basically HopelessThe United States will face Ghana, Portugal, and Germany.
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    Brazil World Cup Stadium Collapse Kills ThreeA crane malfunction occurred today at Itaquerao Stadium in São Paulo.
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    Paul the Octopus Is Predicting Things in Heaven NowBecause he’s dead.
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    World Cup Viewers in Uganda Killed by BlastsGroup with Al Qaeda ties is suspected.
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    Spain Wins World Cup!By one point.
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    BP to Experience Most Annoying Payback EverWith vuvuzelas.
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    Ghana Eliminates U.S. in World CupIt’s over for the Americans, but Ghana moves on to play Uruguay.
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    North Koreans Still Waiting to Hear About Glorious World Cup VictoryThe one where they lost 7-0.
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    Chuckling Obama Looks Cuter Than Fuming Beckham After English Goalkeeper’s Game-Changing ErrorThe game-changing shot left us all amused. Even the President, perhaps.
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    England and U.S. Face Off in an Oil-Related Phone Call and a World Cup Match TodayTensions are higher than usual with our neighbors across the pond.
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    Iraq Claims to Have Uncovered Al Qaeda Plot Targeting World CupSaudi officer detained for plotting a “terrorist act.”