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  1. israel
    My Grandfather the ZionistHe helped build Jewish American support for Israel. What’s his legacy now?
  2. donald trump
    Trump Congratulates Poland for the Catastrophe of Its Invasion by GermanySurely the Poles appreciate a presidential attaboy on the anniversary of the beginning of World War II and the Holocaust.
  3. In Hiroshima, Obama Proposes ‘Moral Revolution’ During his historic visit, Obama met with survivors and called on mankind to get its moral progress in line with its technological prowess.
  4. world war ii
    WWII Vets Exposed to Mustard Gas Never Paid“That’s going to be on my tombstone. U.S. Navy, Guinea Pig. That won’t be too long now probably.”
  5. neighborhood news
    Photos and War Stories From Brighton Beach’s Victory Day ParadeThe anniversary of Germany’s WWII surrender has special significance in Brooklyn’s corner of the former Soviet Union.
  6. international intrigue
    D-Day Anniversary: The Most Intense CelebrationsAround the world, 70 years after Normandy.
  7. military history
    10 Intimate Photographs of World War II Soldiers in the BuffJust in time for Fleet Week.
  8. oh hitler!
    The Nazis Were Obsessed With a Dog in Finland That Did a Nazi ImpressionThose Nazis were some weird dudes.
  9. anne frank
    Tree Immortalized by Anne Frank’s Diary TopplesThe giant chestnut no longer grows in Amsterdam.
  10. science is ruining yom kippur
    A 120-Year-Old Hitler Might Be Walking Around SomewhereNew tests on Hitler’s skull reveal that … it’s not Hitler’s skull.