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  1. #metoo
    The First Female Referee in WWE Says Vince McMahon Raped HerRita Chatterton does not want to be forgotten.
  2. games
    There Is a Professional Wrestling Angle to the Murder of Jamal KhashoggiThe WWE is forging ahead with its plan for a major event in Saudi Arabia this Friday.
  3. Eighth Former OSU Wrestler Says Jim Jordan Knew About Sexual AbuseThe former wrestler says that when he told Jordan about the team doctor’s inappropriate touching, “he just snickered.”
  4. games
    It Seems Like Sports Can’t Sink Lower Than Mayweather-McGregor. But Just Wait.When you have nothing to sell, sell the racism, sell the hate.
  5. select all
    Japanese Wrestler Picks Up Her Coach Like It’s No Big Deal for Victory LapWell, damn.
  6. beefs
    Glenn Beck Should Definitely Defend the Tea Party on WWEWhat could go wrong?
  7. politics
    The Father of a Dead Wrestler Calls Linda McMahon a LiarAnd her campaign takes a chair to the head.
  8. early and often
    Clinton and Obama Finally Throw Down With WWEOn ‘Raw’ the two candidates (with a little encouragement from McCain), finally get down and dirty. They even use “The People’s Elbow”!!