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  1. wtf
    There’s a New Rachel DolezalJessica Krug has stepped down from her job as an associate history professor after admitting that she pretended to be Black.
  2. wtf
    Report: Trump’s Lawyer Involved With Secret Plan to Lift Russian SanctionsThe other two people involved with the plan were a pro-Putin Ukrainian lawmaker and a Trump business associate with links to the mafia.
  3. WTF
    Trump Responds to, and Brushes Off, Speech By Muslim Father of Fallen War HeroTrump also wondered if the Clinton campaign wrote Khizr Khan’s speech, and suggested his wife wasn’t allowed to speak because of their Muslim faith.
  4. Meeting With Sean Penn May Have Led to El Chapo’s ArrestWhen a map to the stars leads you back to prison instead.
  5. wtf
    New Jersey Day-Care Staff Accused of Running a Fight ClubTwo women have been charged with child abuse after being accused of instigating fights among 4- to 6-year-old kids.
  6. wtf
    Boston Police Arrest Two Men After Pokémon Championship ThreatThey were arrested on firearm-related charges after suggesting they would “kill the competition” at the Pokémon World Championship.
  7. wtf
    Army Doctor Suspended for Human Experiments“It’s like a diabolical mad scientist at work in a horror movie.”
  8. wtf
    Upper East Side Middle-Schoolers Debate Killing and Eating the Class PetInteresting homework assignment you’ve got there.
  9. Chicago Cops Staged a Photograph Where a Black Man Was Posed As a Hunted AnimalOne cop is already in jail and the other was fired over the image. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says “good riddance.”
  10. wtf
    Stuffed Owl Makes Surprisingly Bad LawyerShould’ve gone with a live owl.
  11. wtf
    3,000-Year-Old Fake Police Department Not Exactly Doing a Great JobAn aide to California Attorney General Kamala Harris was arrested for running a fake police force.
  12. wtf
    NASCAR Driver Claims His Ex-Girlfriend Is a Trained AssassinProbably not the worst thing you could call an ex.
  13. bad teacher
    N.J. Teacher Sacked for Mocking Student’s NameOn social media.
  14. wtf
    Total Psycho Breaks Into a Farm and Kills Over 900 Chickens With a Golf ClubSomebody has anger issues.
  15. wtf
    Man Claims He Fired Gun at Neighbor’s House to Unload ItThat’s one way to do it.
  16. dirty old men
    And the Senator Who Called Kirsten Gillibrand Chubby Is …Not one of the usual suspects.
  17. A Middle School in Alabama Used a 14-Year-Old to Bait an Alleged RapistIt did not end well.
  18. wtf
    Iranian Hipsters Behind ‘Happy in Tehran’ Sentenced for ‘Pornographic’ VideoPunished for dancing.
  19. casual racism
    12-Year-Old Put in Stop-&-Frisk Pose As a ‘Joke’In case you couldn’t guess, the guard was white, and the child wasn’t. 
  20. great moments in cable news
    The Most Insane Nancy Grace Moment of All TimeWatch the cable news host inform a Detroit man his missing son was found in his basement, live on TV.
  21. kids today
    Long Island Teens Thought Confederate Flag, Blackface Were Somehow AcceptableFour students at a Catholic high school have been expelled.
  22. crazy things
    Insane People Used Citi Bike 6,669 Times During the Polar Vortex YesterdayIt was four degrees, remember?
  23. scary things
    Man May Have Set Himself on Fire on National MallHe was taken to the hospital by helicopter.
  24. crimes and misdemeanors
    Montana Judge Barred From Do-Over in Outrageous Rape CaseWhat a mess.
  25. terrorble
    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Wanted to Give the World a Better Vacuum CleanerAnd loves Harry Potter.
  26. ink-stained wretches
    The New York Times’ War on Cursing ContinuesThis time they referred to “a PG-rated expletive.”
  27. the enforcer
    SEC Charges Four More in Galleon Insider-Trading CaseSEC director Robert Khuzami expresses fresh outrage.
  28. loose lips
    Bank of America Prepares to Get WikiLeaked by Buying Up Negative Domain NamesBad news for anyone who wanted to own BrianMoynihanSucks.com.
  29. the future is coming
    Top Facebook Status in 2010 an Embarrassment for HumankindHMU! WTF?
  30. wtf
    Happy-Again Couple Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant Shopping for Townhouses TogetherThey’re definitely not looking for a place in the city for Stephanie to live, far, far away from Peter.
  31. wtf
    Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant Are, Amazingly, Back TogetherThe ugliest divorce of the year is off.
  32. testify
    Naomi Campbell Disappointed That Blood Diamonds Weren’t Shinier“She was disappointed because she thought she was going to get a big, shiny diamond.”
  33. testify
    Naomi Campell Tells War Tribunal She’s Unsure About the Origins of ‘Dirty Looking Stones’Mia Farrow is also involved somehow.