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  1. racism
    GOP Senator David Perdue Deliberately Butchers ‘Kamala’ at Georgia Trump RallyHis reelection campaign later tried to claim that Perdue referring to Harris as “Kamamboamamla” was an innocent, not-at-all race-baiting mistake.
  2. vision 2020
    Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Up, But for How Long?Believe it or not, the public thinks he’s doing a good job on coronavirus. But as the economy worsens, voters’ warm feelings may prove ephemeral.
  3. fox news
    Tucker Carlson Guest Suggests Immigrants Make New York DirtyThe host did not reject writer Seth Barron’s argument: Last December, Carlson claimed that immigrants were making America “poorer and dirtier.”
  4. racism
    Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses*Ken Cuccinelli has a vision for immigration that privileges people who’ll enrich America. But for him and Trump, that has always meant white people.
  5. mass shootings
    What We Didn’t Need the El Paso Killer’s Manifesto to Tell UsUnderstanding the El Paso shooter is helped by understanding 8chan troll culture — but it’s not a requirement.
  6. mass shootings
    Trump’s Plan for Stopping Anti-Hispanic Terrorism: Fewer HispanicsBefore abandoning mention of gun control altogether, Trump suggested he’d consider it — as long as Democrats supported the GOP’s immigration agenda.
  7. racism
    Republicans Don’t Want Racist Chants to Define Them — Just Racist PoliciesRepublicans have expressed concern that Trump’s racist remarks are distracting the public from the GOP’s policies — which are even more racist.
  8. xenophobia
    Watch President Trump Laugh Over a Comment About Shooting Migrants“How do you stop these people?” Trump asked. An audience member had an idea. “Shoot them,” he yelled, causing the president to laugh.
  9. xenophobia
    Report: Stephen Miller Intervened to Deport Individual MigrantsTrump’s most xenophobic senior aide has reportedly contacted mid-level DHS officials in a ploy to send individual asylum seekers across the border.
  10. racism
    Tom Brokaw Wants Hispanics to Assimilate. Hispanics Aren’t the Problem.The ex-newsman wants Hispanics to work harder on assimilating and learning English. But they work hard already. Segregation is the bigger barrier.
  11. Trump Is Back on Message — and That Message Is As Vile As It’s Ever BeenTrump ends his campaign by casting Somali refugees in Minnesota — and Latino voters in Nevada — as America’s true enemies.
  12. Donald Trump’s Hateful Rhetoric Matters More Than the Details of His ‘Policies’The GOP nominee just painted a vulnerable minority group as innately criminal. That matters more than whether he officially wants to deport them all.
  13. hoodies and hijabs
    Tragic Beating Death of Shaima Alawadi Feeds Into Trayvon Martin Race Debate Iraqi mother of five found next to note reading “Go back to your own country.”