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    Mets, Yankees Prepare for Smokeless-Tobacco Ban“If you do it, make sure you do it in a place where no one sees you,” says Carlos Beltran.
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    Photos: Yankee Stadium Hosts Its First Hockey GameImages from the day.
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    How Bob Sheppard’s Voice Lives On at Yankee StadiumThe Yankees recorded hours of Sheppard’s introductions before he died.
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    New York City FC to Play at Yankee Stadium?The mayor’s comments this weekend suggest they will.
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    The Rangers Will Play at Yankee StadiumNext year will feature six outdoor games.
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    Yankee Stadium, Now Officially a Six-Star Hotel With a BallfieldAnd Lonn Trost is basically a character from ‘Ocean’s Thirteen.’
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    Yankees Relax Batting-Practice Policy for the Unwashed MassesEveryone can now watch from the good seats. Just not the REALLY good seats.
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    The Sale of Old Yankee Stadium BeginsIt’s your chance to own that three-figure garbage can you’ve always wanted.
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    New, From Next Week’s Issue of New YorkIt’s Monday’s magazine, today!
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    The Worryingly Homer-Happy Yankee StadiumThe major story coming out of the weekend is the rather shocking home-run rate at the ravishing new digs.
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    Opening Day at New Yankee Stadium a Bit AnticlimacticAll the greats were on hand: Ford, Berra, and … Barfield?
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    New Ballpark Week: Here’s How It’s Gonna GoThe Mets play their first regular-season game at Citi Field tonight, and the Yankees are just one series away.
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    What You Need to Know Before Heading to Yankee Stadium and Citi Field …… in two handy guides.
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    How Much Will a Day Cost at Citi Field or Yankee Stadium? You Might Not Want to KnowEspecially if you’re a Yankees fan.
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    Is Bob Sheppard Retiring?He won’t confirm it.
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    Bob Sheppard Probably Won’t Be Back for New Yankee Stadium’s OpeningAccording to his wife, “he doesn’t have the stamina yet.”
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    Yankees Shaft Loyal Fans, Provide Other Stadiumgoers TVsWith the first game at the new Bronx stadium just over a month away, fans are getting bad news.
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    Next NHL Winter Classic to Justify Cost of Yankee StadiumWe’re pretty sure this is going to happen, if only by default.
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    Yankee Stadium’s Final ActThe last game wasn’t perfect, but that wasn’t what really mattered.
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    Going, Going, GoneWith last night’s 7–3 victory over the Orioles, the Yankees put their legendary stadium to bed, after 85 years of memories.
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    Yankee Stadium Speaks, Mike Francesa Rants, and Jill Martin Is Stumped’SI’ cover story and more, in this week’s look at the local sporting press.
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    Not Every Seat in the New Yankee Stadium Is a WinnerSeeing right field is overrated anyway.
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    Finished With Record-Breaking, Michael Phelps Commences HeartbreakingThe eight-time Olympic-gold winner supposedly made out with the hottest Australian athlete, Stephanie Rice. Plus, gossip on Axl Rose and Paul McCartney in our daily roundup.
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    Mike and the Mad Dog Break Up at LastAfter months of rumors, Chris Russo is off the popular sports-radio show — that and more, in of our daily industry roundup.
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    Yankees Playoff Chances Slipping AwayWill Leitch looks at the Bronx Bombers’ playoff chances, and isn’t impressed.
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    Last Great Yankee Stadium Moment Courtesy of a Texas RangerPoor Chris Berman almost had an aneurysm.
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    Will Guiomar Camano Ever Get to See a Game at Yankee Stadium?Despite living blocks away, the 12-year-old has never set foot inside Yankee Stadium. And the clock is ticking.
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    Home Run Derby Already Not a Hit With FansModerately popular All-Stars will compete to hit the most home runs toward Pleasantville, White Plains, or whatever other upstate suburbs Chris Berman has identified on a map of the metropolitan area.
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    Lizzie Grubman Rises AgainThe PR guru takes on a managerial role, Dina Lohan goes house hunting on Long Island, and Kathie Lee Gifford makes people uncomfortable in the bathroom. That and more in our daily gossip roundup.
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    Someone Actually Paid $175K for That Dirty Sox JerseyYeah, and if the guy hadn’t bought it, his kids would have been really pissed. Seriously.
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    After Pope’s Departure, the Cardinal Egan Countdown BeginsNew York’s cardinal has reached retirement age, and we have a suggestion for what he should do after.
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    David Ortiz ‘Curse’ Jersey Up to $30K on eBayJust when you thought we had put that whole story behind us, it rears its ugly head again on the online auction site (though it’s for a good cause!).
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    Hank Steinbrenner’s Greatest HitsThis weekend the Yankees owner told the ‘Post’ that he hoped that the guy who buried Red Sox uniforms in the cement of his new stadium got the shit kicked out of him by his co-workers. We take this opportunity for a short walk down memory lane.
  34. party lines
    Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker Root for Both TeamsAnd they told us all about it (and getting rained out of yesterday’s Yankees opener) at last night’s premiere of the movie ‘Smart People.’
  35. photo op
    Yankee Stadium: The Long Good-byeAnd so it begins: the final season in the old Yankee stadium (built in 1923) begins today. The first regular game, against the Blue Jays, starts today at 1:05 p.m. What the press is wondering about on the big day.
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    Yankees’ New Monument Park Hints at Another Retired NumberWhen we first saw the photo of the new Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park last week, we were bummed to learn that not only had it been moved from its quirky home in left–center field, but that its new location would be a charmless spot underneath the restaurant, in the center-field batter’s eye. But after seeing the photo again on Curbed today, we noticed something much more uplifting.
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    Derek Jeter Considers Himself Less Mickey Mantle Than Jim CarreyThe Yankees begin full-squad workouts tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean their focus has completely shifted back to baseball yet. Take Derek Jeter, who spent his off-season working on plans for a line of health clubs, the first of which will open this June near Madison Square Park. The Yankee captain says that not only will his name be on the front door, but he’ll often be inside working out. We caught up with him last week and asked whether he was afraid of this additional opportunity for fans to harass him for autographs. “Not at all,” the shortstop laughed. “The more you’re around, the more people get used to seeing you, and probably tired of seeing you.”
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    What Does a $91 Million Train Station Look Like? Because there’s news today that the new Metro-North station to be built at Yankee Stadium, set to open in spring 2009, will cost $91 million, twice its initial price tag, with the city kicking in some $39 million, and because we also like showing you renderings of construction projects under way throughout our fair city, we herewith present a sketch of the new station — that bridge on the right heads east from the station, above East 153rd Street, and lets fans off behind home plate of the current stadium, which will still leave them more than a few blocks from the new stadium — provided by the MTA. For what the thing costs, we hope the real one’s at least in color. —Alec Appelbaum Next Stop: Yanks [Metro NY]
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    Bank-Branch Infiltration Reaches Madison Square Garden This just in via e-mailed press release: The space formerly known as the Theater at Madison Square Garden, formerly known as the Paramount Theater and even more formerly as the Felt Forum, will now be known as the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden. “The name of The Theater will be changed immediately,” the release reports, and the deal will include signage throughout the Garden and eleven WaMu ATMs at the venue. (Please tell us this doesn’t mean the end of the Chase machines near the Seventh Avenue entrance. WaMu, as we discovered the other night, is now up to a $2 charge for using its ATMs. So much for the buck-fifty stopping there.) Six months ago, the city’s three major sports venues — the Garden, Shea Stadium, Yankee Stadium, — remained proudly unsponsored. Now the Garden’s got WaMu, at least peripherally, Shea’s gone Citi, and only one question remains: Which bank will meet Steinbrenner’s price? Full press release is after the jump.
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    Freddy Sez: It’s Opening Day! And the Yanks beat the Devil Rays, 9-5, at the Stadium yesterday. Welcome back, Freddy.
  41. party lines
    Yankees Too Hard to Resist In April, it’ll be 60 years since Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier, but as the scholarship foundation in his name gathered at the Waldorf-Astoria on Monday to hand out awards to modern-day African-American pioneers like Spike Lee, Merrill Lynch chairman and CEO Stan O’Neal, and BET founder Sheila C. Johnson, the speeches were mostly about how little race relations in this country have changed. MC Bill Cosby advised one black college student there to change his last name from Robinson to Robinsky. “They’ll think you’re white!” Cosby said. “How do you think Stan O’Neal got ahead? They thought he was an Irishman.” After the jump, Jackie’s daughter Sharon, an educational consultant for Major League Baseball, answers a few pressing questions.