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    Is Instagram Trying to Become Yelp, Too?A new feature will let users book appointments directly within the app.
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    Yelp Has a New Tool for Finding Gender-Neutral Bathrooms“Gender neutral restrooms are accessible to persons of any gender and are a locking, single-stall bathroom.”
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    This Is Yelp for Pokémon GoThe app is making it easy to find Pokéstops.
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    Another Fired Yelp Employee Pens Open LetterAnother week, another open letter on Medium written by a recently fired, low-level Yelp employee detailing mistreatment and a disturbing lack of empathy from Yelp managers. 
  5. Trying Out CompStat 2.0, the NYPD’s Yelp for CrimeI now know how many cars are stolen in my neighborhood on Thursdays. 
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    Yelp Mocks Rick PerryPoor bastard.
  7. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Doesn’t Sound Very Sorry It Pushed Down Competitors’ Search ResultsBut it should be.