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  1. The Model Minority in the Age of TrumpThe United Airlines incident occurred within a disturbing context of increased hate directed at Asian-Americans.
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    Video Shows Man Dragged Off Overbooked Flight After Refusing to Give Up SeatAnother passenger on the United flight filmed the incident.
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    Former Employee Says It’s Still Insanely Easy for Anyone at Uber to Track YouThe former forensic investigator is suing the company after he repeatedly spoke out against the company’s privacy policies.
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    Pay Attention: Nordstrom Tower Has Been Revealed, and It’s Really Freaking HugeReally, really huge.
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    Man With ‘Live Free’ Knuckle Tattoo Trapped in His Own Orgasm PrisonPoor dude.
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    Trader Arrested for Threatening to Kill ‘Midgets’ and ‘Lifelong Lawyers’ at U.S. Regulatory AgenciesLast month, Vincent McCrudden was charged with failing to register his commodities pool with the necessary regulatory agencies. His reaction? Not good.
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    Bar Codes on Tombstones That Connect the Living to the DeadPlease scan for memories.
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    Long Island Beach Rescue Goes Horribly WrongA sunbather was run over by a police SUV.
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    NYPD Uncovers Plot to Shoot Cops From RooftopBloods and Crips were working together to take out the police.