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  1. labor
    Yoga Teachers Are Unionizing to Heal the Wellness IndustryIn a historic first, YogaWorks teachers have come together to demand improved conditions across their entire industry.
  2. youth
    The Kids of P.S. 205 Share Their Favorite Yoga PosesChild’s pose, in class.
  3. photo op
    Here Is a Man in Murray Hill Doing Rooftop Yoga All But NakedSummer!
  4. neighborhood news
    Coed Naked Yoga Is Coming to Chelsea Don’t get too excited.
  5. stand clear of the closing doors
    Why Not Teach Bikram Yoga on the Subway Platform?The Fat Jew strikes again.
  6. downward facing smog
    New Yorkers Celebrate Communal Day of Misery Or the summer solstice.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    There Was a Bizarro Yoga-Cult Death in the DesertYoga, what is the deal!!
  8. yogi anger
    Yogis Continue to Be Remarkably Contentious for People in Search of Inner PeaceDoes namaste actually mean “see you in court”?
  9. the tax monster comes
    New York Yoga Studios Facing Unexpected Sales TaxesThey had previously thought themselves exempt from sales tax.
  10. neighborhod news
    Park Slope Is Like a Yoga BuffetThe choices are endless.
  11. neighborhood news
    Sorry, Ladies, Naked Yoga in Brooklyn Is for Guys OnlyBut the studio’s website has a very informative FAQ.
  12. devastating news in brooklyn
    Yoga Is Bad for You NowNothing in the world is actually good for you.
  13. Bikram Choudhury Wants to Shut Down Yoga to the PeopleHe’s suing over their “hot yoga” offerings.
  14. yoga
    NYC Yoga Studios Not Above BeefWarring factions start slinging slime.
  15. luluheads
    Tim Geithner Owns Shares of LululemonThe Treasury secretary knows the importance of fit.
  16. man on the street
    Man on the Street: Yoga in Central ParkCan 10,000 yogis use their collective spiritual force to stave off the rain? Or stave off Tim Murphy, for that matter?
  17. neighborhood news
    Theft of Pricey Mats Threatens Yogis’ ZenA theft at a Tribeca yoga studio tests the endurance of its members.
  18. white men with money
    Finance Meets YogaWe think we’ve found the new Wall Street pickup spot.
  19. photo op
    And Now, Your Moment of Zen It’s just not the summer solstice without a bunch of yoga enthusiasts frightening the tourists in Times Square. Happy second day of summer, everyone!
  20. intel
    Donna Karan and Mira Nair, Ladies Who Hunch Tuesday night, after the New York premiere of The Namesake, filmmaker Mira Nair — who was born in India and today divides her time between Manhattan and Uganda, her husband’s home country — will join pal Donna Karan to host a benefit for Nair’s Maisha Film Lab, which trains East African and South Asian filmmakers, and also Chelsea’s Iyengar Yoga Center which both women swear by. (Karan does Iyengar every morning; Nair goes three times a week on her own and on Sunday with her husband and son.) We talked to them about yoga, relaxation, and competition.