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Zadroga Bill

  1. mission complete
    Congress Passes Trillion-Dollar Budget DealThey also want you to know it’s not the best present, but it’s the best they could do. 
  2. last night on late night
    Jon Stewart Crashes Another Late-Night ShowHe wanted to talk about the Zadroga Act again. 
  3. still waiting…
    Jon Stewart Returns to TDS, Shames McConnellHe said McConnell “doesn’t give a s**t about anything but politics.”
  4. still waiting…
    Zadroga Act Still Hasn’t Been Renewed“It is unpatriotic to ignore the needs of our first responders.”
  5. health
    9/11 Cancer Study Gives No Definitive Answer on Role of DebrisNo direct link to cancer, but some increased risk.
  6. health
    Number of Cops With Cancer Way Up After 9/11New data shows that the number of NYPD officers diagnosed with cancer has almost tripled.
  7. bons mots
    Bloomberg: Jon Stewart ‘Without a Doubt One of the Biggest Factors’ in Passing 9/11 BillThe ‘Times’ asks: “Is Stewart our Edward R. Murrow?”
  8. september 11
    Jon Stewart’s Takedown of GOP Opposition to the Zadroga Bill Is Practically Operatic“God Bless the USA.”