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Zika Virus

  1. Five New York City Babies Have Zika-Related Birth DefectsMore than 300 pregnant woman have tested positive for the virus.
  2. Texas Reports Its First Local Zika InfectionThe second state, after Florida, with a case not linked to travel or sexual transmission.
  3. Zika Can Cause Microcephaly in Seemingly Healthy Babies Months After BirthIn a study of 13 Brazilian babies born to Zika-infected mothers, 11 developed microcephaly after being born with a normal head size.
  4. Utah Man May Have Been Infected With Zika After Wiping Away Dying Father’s TearsA very weird case.
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    Almost All of Miami Beach Is Now a Zika Transmission ZoneThe affected area is essential to Miami-Dade County’s tourism industry.
  6. Congressman Brings 100 Living Mosquitoes on to House FloorAnd doesn’t release them.
  7. 3 Mosquitoes Test Positive for Zika in Miami for the First TimeConfirming what everyone knew all along: Zika is here.
  8. More Than 50 Pregnant Women Have Zika in NYCAnd more than 500 New Yorkers have the virus.
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    How New York City Is Fighting the Growing Threat of ZikaThere haven’t been any cases of mosquito-transmitted Zika here, but the city has already launched a huge eradication initiative.
  10. How Real Is the Danger of Zika in Rio?Perhaps we should be talking about diarrhea instead.
  11. ‘Zika Is Now Here’: 14 Floridians Infected With Zika From Local MosquitoesTen more tested positive over the weekend.
  12. Florida Confirms First 4 Cases of Zika From Local MosquitoesThe first in the continental United States. 
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    First Baby Born in NYC With Zika Birth DefectsDepartment of Health officials confirm.
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    Puerto Rico Sees Its First Case of Zika-Related Microcephaly The fetus was either aborted or miscarried. 
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    Senate Approves $1.1 Billion in Emergency Funds to Fight ZikaThe $1.1 billion package cuts Obama’s request nearly in half, but it’s better than nothing.
  16. A Pregnant Woman From Connecticut Has Tested Positive for Zika VirusShe was visiting Central America and reportedly started developing symptoms of the virus.
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    NYC Gifts Puerto Rico 1 Million Free Condoms to Fight ZikaThe island has close to 700 confirmed cases of the virus, which can be sexually transmitted.
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    United States Confirms Its First Zika DeathThe victim was an elderly man in Puerto Rico.
  19. Who Brought Zika to the West?The hunt for patient zero finds the outbreak started a year earlier than thought.
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    New York Is Taking No Chances With ZikaMosquito season begins in April.
  21. Zika May Cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome, TooMore than microcephaly.
  22. 14 New Reports of Sexually Transmitted Zika in the U.S.The Zika freak-out continues.
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    From Zika to Trump: The Savvy Politics of Pope FrancisHe’s a PR master, walking a fine line between established Church doctrine and the wishful thinking of his fans.
  24. How Brazil’s Gleeful Dark Humor Helps It CopeBad news can be, oddly, good news for the Brazilian internet and its armies of online comedians.
  25. Obama Wants $1.8 Billion to Fight ZikaOne big swat.
  26. NYU Ethicist: Zika Virus Should Defer Olympics“It just makes more sense.”
  27. Zika Has Been Transmitted Sexually in TexasHere is another reason to wear a condom.
  28. The Zika Freak-out Reaches the White HouseUnited Airlines, too.
  29. Brain-Shrinking Zika Virus Bound for U.S., WHO PredictsThe World Health Organization expects the mosquito-borne illness to spread throughout the Americas.