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Zoe Lofgren

  1. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Four of the Trump Impeachment TrialHouse impeachment managers wrapped up by arguing that Trump’s obstruction of Congress was egregious and ongoing. Next up: the White House’s defense.
  2. impeachment
    Pelosi Appoints Impeachment Managers, to Be Led by Adam SchiffThe managers will trigger the Senate trial once they present articles of impeachment.
  3. trump impeachment
    Congresswoman Accuses GOP of Impeachment Hypocrisy, Comparing Trump to ClintonIf Republicans will only impeach for lying about sex, maybe Congress should hear from Stormy Daniels, said California representative Zoe Lofgren.
  4. the internet
    Swartz Suicide Sparks ‘Aaron’s Law’ on RedditShe wants to amend the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act he was being charged under.
  5. early and awesome
    Stephen Colbert Invents New Gay Slang in Testimony to Congress“Corn packer.”