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  1. the group portrait
    Running Zoom on ZoomHow the company’s executives managed a period of explosive growth while working from their own platform.
  2. polidicks
    Jeffrey Toobin Fired From The New Yorker After ‘Zoom Dick Incident’More like Jeffrey Tootles.
  3. zdi
    This Zoom D*ck Incident Is the Talk of the TownNew Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Toobin was allegedly caught masturbating on a video call.
  4. security
    Is It Safe to Use Zoom?The video-call software has seen enormous growth and has had its many security issues exposed.
  5. coronavirus
    The Professor Teaching to One Lone Pinocchio DollUNC law school professor John V. Orth’s pre-recorded lectures went viral on Twitter earlier this week.
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    People Can Now Zoom in on Instagram, So Make Sure There’s Nothing in Your TeethNo more screenshots!