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  1. zuck’d
    Why Your Facebook Feed Suddenly Looks More Emotional Than UsualThe social network has embraced mawkishness as an advertising strategy.
  2. zuck’d
    Does Facebook’s Emotional Manipulation Make It a Bad Source of News?Facebook’s social tinkering could give us an incomplete view of the world.
  3. zuck’d
    Facebook’s New Disappearing-Photo App Looks a Lot Like SnapchatExcept you have to send photos in order to receive them.
  4. virtual insanity
    Facebook Is Making a Virtual-Reality Land GrabThe social network just bought Oculus VR, a virtual-reality headset company.
  5. zuck’d
    Mark Zuckerberg Is Mad at President ObamaSomebody’s getting un-friended.
  6. zuck’d
    Facebook Got a Face-lift TodayYour news feed is now in Helvetica.
  7. zuck’d
    Facebook Turns 10 Today. Here Come the Awkward Years.An adolescent Facebook is trying to define itself.
  8. zuck’d
    The Gamble Behind Snapchat’s $3 Billion ‘No’The photo-sharing app is betting it won’t be a fad.
  9. zuck’d
    Randi Zuckerberg’s Honestly Confused Guide to Life OnlineThe First Sister of Facebook doesn’t have any answers. Then again, neither do we.
  10. zuck’d
    Randi Zuckerberg Wants to Teach Children Not to Use Facebook So MuchHer new children’s book is a cautionary fable about Internet addiction.
  11. zuck’d
    Facebook Is Too Big to FailThe social network just can’t lose.
  12. zuck’d
    Facebook Wants to Be Your EverythingFacebook Home means the social network isn’t satisfied playing a bit role.
  13. zuck’d
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Childhood Website Was Slightly Uglier Than Facebook(On the other hand, it had fewer photos of your ex.)
  14. zuck’d
    Get Ready for #Facebook #HashtagsAll your friends are going to be #engaged and #pregnant soon.
  15. zuck’d
    Facebook Is Now a Mobile CompanyJust as Zuck said it would be.
  16. zuck’d
    The Political Leanings of Silicon ValleyHow do tech titans vote?
  17. zuck’d
    No, Facebook’s Graph Search Is Not Turning Up Racists and CheatersUnless they’re dumb enough to self-identify as such.
  18. zuck’d
    The Applefication of FacebookFacebook is learning to act its size.
  19. zuck’d
    Facebook Rolls Out New, Creeper-Friendly Search EngineIt’s called “graph search.”